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Nodawgs, you posted or updated something on 3/16 but no updates. Anybody know what's up with him. jj

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I am so sorry to report that my friend NODAWGS passed away monday (June 6, 2009) after a 9 year fight. He was an awesome person and will be greatly missed.

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Thank you txtommom for your post.
Every day since his last update, I have
wondered how he was.

My heart and prayers go out to dawgs wife and family.
I thank God he no longer has to face the beast.
His fight was long, hard and with so much courage.
He surely had a good soul and a genius pen.
His writings and wit will be long remembered,
as so will he.
No doubt he is at a keyboard now, documenting that ultimate "HOG TALE"

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This is Bethie, Nodawgs wife. I just want to say thanks for your prayers. Lynn passed away Monday 6-1-2009. Lynn was a fighter for a long time and I believe he was ready to go. He cared deeply for everyone on this website. I definitly agree with the above statement that he is no doubt somewhere now on a keyboard, and when he isn't there he is on his harley riding the streets of gold. I will definitly miss the love of my life.


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Thank you, Bethie,

I'm so sorry he's gone, but glad he's out of pain. He'll be missed by a lot of people here.


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I just joined this forum a few weeks ago and did not have any coorespondence with nodawgs. Though I can tell that he was a great inspiration to many fighting this battle. God bless you and all he did for others.

Larry (lewvino)

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I am so sorry to learn about Nodawgs. His words and humor were a great comfort for me when I was losing my Dad to PC. I wish I could have provided you the same, but I don't have a fraction of his writing talent.

Duke's Kid - Bridget

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Thank you for the update. I too was a fan and correspondent of his. His posts oulined the continuing struggle so many of us never have to face and he did so on line with humor and a sense of trying to control his fate.
Good luck to you Bethie he was a great friend to so many of us

Jim Jacobs

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