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Finally Done With Radiation

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Finally....I have completed 44 days of radiation treatments at the University of Pennsylvania. When I began, I thought they would never end. Now that it is over, it wasn't so bad. It was quite an interesting experience though. I took advantage of the Calypso beacons which were implanted in my prostate prior to initiation of the treatments. The beacons were electromagnetic radiofrequency beacons that helped to ensure that the radiation beam concentrated on the prostate, and not the bladder or colon. I also had a balloon inserted in my rectum prior to each treatment. The balloon is more formally referred to as the Radiadyne Prostate Immobilization device (www.radiadyne.com). The purpose of this is to keep the prostate from moving and to keep as much of the colon surface away from the radiation beam. During the 44 days of treatment I was also on a 'no fiber' diet. The purpose was to eliminate any gas in the bowel that could cause the prostate to move during treatment. As a result, I have experienced only very minor bladder side effects (minor urgency). Of course I got plenty of rest and exercise during the treatments and drank lots of water. And now I wait 2 months until I have a PSA test. Can't wait for the result. I'm very optimistic.

Age 59, Good health
Diagnosed July 2008
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Gleason (3+3) - 6
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Nov 13, 2008 - Robotic Prostatectomy aborted due to adhesions
Jan 5, 2009 - Calypso Beacon implants
April 2, 1009 - Completed 44 days of external beam radiation at the Univ of PA

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it is good to hear you made it through. i had breachy therapy and 25 sets of tomo radiation. it is always good to hear good news in the cancer fight.tony

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Trying to pick best avenue with least collateral damage.
Tell me your experience.

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