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tiny one
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My son will be going to Iraq in about 8 days. He'll be home for a few days before he has to leave. I worry about what kind of care will he receive if something happens. Our Soldiers put their lives on the line for all of us everyday. I think everyone holds them in the highest esteem and that they should have good health care. Please say prayers for him. He's a fairly newly married also. They were married Dec 08. Thanks everyone. He's my youngest. He's 25.

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My thoughts and prayers are with you and your son and family. I have the highest respect for people like your son. May nothing bad happen to him.

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I pray for his safety there and for a fast return, hope everything goes well!


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Hey, Sweetie. I will be praying for your son and his wife right alongside you. His is a hard job; just the smallest decisions can mean so much. I pray for his safety and well being.


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I will add him to my prayers, and his wife as well. But I would also like to THANK him for his service. Without dedicated young men and women in the military, we cannot defend our freedoms. This is not a political statement, nor do I want it to be, just a sincere thank you for doing a very difficult job.

And many hugs to you, Mom. I know how hard this must be.


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I know it hurts for him to be leaving. Could you Thank him for what he is doing? We pray every week for the Soldiers everywhere because they are doing a GOOD thing. Look at all the kids on the streets destroying there lives, he will make a GOOD man.

Much Love and Prayers

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If it helps you at all, my colorectal surgeon that did 3 of my colon surgeries and diagnosed my canzer was a military (overseas) surgeon for the first 15 years of his practice. He is very skilled and dedicated, and now makes a small fortune of course. I know that there ARE great doctors that serve.

Please thank your son for me. A PERSONAL thank you for what he is doing. You did something right and raised a real man. Thank you, too for your sacrifice.


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Tiny, i will be wishing your son a quick tour, and safe return. I don't blame you if you're nervous about it. I'm sure our new president will get our young men out of there very soon. He may not even have to do his whole tour!

Many, many hugs!

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My nephew served in both Afghanistan and Iraq, so I have the highest respect for our military. Please tell your son that we appreciate his service and will be praying for his safety. I know it's hard (my sister had was so distraught while her son was away), but we'll be here for you anytime you need a shoulder.


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I hope you have a great visit with your son and that the days of his tour pass swiftly and safely.

Peace and blessings...


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You bet- I'll keep him in prayer for safety

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I will be praying for your son, and also for you and the rest of your family. I have 2 sons and I can only imagine the worry you are going thru. Enjoy every minute of your visit with him and remember there are plenty of people praying for his safe return.
God Bless You. Carletta

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Please tell your son Thanks from me for what he's doing. I'm retired Navy. My nephew served for 14 months in Iraq as a combat engineer, and he came back just fine. Don't forget, his fellow service members will be his best guardian Angels. Military medical care is so much better than when I was "over there" in a land far, far away. He will have not only your prayers and your families going for him, but pretty much every person on this board. My daughter knits caps for servicemen, so once you have an address for him, please share it. She'll want to send him a watch cap and we'll probably make it a nice care package. Thanks.

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Tiny One -

Not sure of your son is Marines, Army or one of the other branches of our military, but know that I am keeping him and all of his comrades in my prayers. Remember that his safety is job one for his bosses and they want nothing more than to see him get his butt back home to you and his wife.

Be well.

- SB

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