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WOW!!! Have I missed some action!

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And to think that I once caused some friction over pushing natural and homeopathic treatments! Look-I'm a prosecutor by trade...22 years now...and I must say that it is good to see the fight in all of us...even if it is with each other! It is GREAT to feel so strongly about something-one way or another..and to fight it out once in awhile. I understand the feelings of the faithful but also understand the feelings of others who don't believe or don't believe quite as strongly! However...keep that spirit...and don't threaten to leave the board, then leave ...then return...I've been there anddone that...and it never made me look better, nor did it help me win my argument! Buzzard...if you read this, get your butt back on here or risk everyone talking about you while your gone (LOL!). Anyway...I don't care enough to fight about religion...I appreciate others but am careful to not push my beliefs upon them. But...I could find something...just say the right...or wrong thing! Keep that fight survivors!

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Hey Runner,hope you and your family are happy and healthy. Good to hear from you ,Ron.

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have you bathed your fish lately?????????? my dog gets one tommorrow (kind of like the check is in the mail).

love you, lisa p.

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LOL Lisa!! What's this... your dog gets a big fish tomorrow????

Oh wait... nebbermind... I guess you meant a bath ;) LOL!!



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ah but my fish doesn't shrink when it gets wet lol Ron.

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Ahoy, Runner!

Great to hear from you. I was just wondering last night how you were doing and if you had been visiting the board at all.

Hope all is well with you in NYC. I'm taking command of a ship in Key West in a couple weeks (tough life, I know...) so Katie & I will be moving soon. Hopefully I'll put away some bad guys, too.

Be well and thanks for posting - always great to hear from you.

- Bob

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Hey Runner,

Just like the old days, eh? Only it's all the "new kids" hashing it out. How's your running coming? I'm up to 5 miles/day in training for my 3rd triathlon in July. When's your next race?

peace, emily

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Hi Emily,
Now I know your secret....isn't so much the juicing as it is the
intense physical workouts you get......LOL....just heard an
oncologist on a broadcast say that those who are what is called
"extreme" athletes are able to beat cancer very well.....i.e.
Lance Armstrong and the ice skater Scott Hamilton.....wish we
all could be that intense but my old bod won't take all that
much beating.....anyway I do walk and hike and try to get as much
exercise as I can.....especially during the beautiful days of
spring, summer and fall.


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Good to hear from you!

I'm so surprised you remember any discussions about alternatives, I sure don't. Hope the kids are well and you are still getting your miles in. I finally got off my lazy fat butt last summer and starting training for a 5K and have run in 3 in the last 6 months (not sure I'm ready for triathlons yet though). I was also taking some dance lessons and hurt my knee during one (can you believe that) and now it seems I will have to get a scope to clean it up. I'm ready to get it over with and back to what I was just starting to enjoy, running.

Again, hope you are well and thanks for checking in with such a fun post. If the "newbies" are really going to be here to help each other, they can't have such thin skin. They forget that this site is not just about them, it is about and for us all, as different as we may be.

Lisa P.

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Well said, Lisa. I really struggled with all the brouhaha, then at the end decided to stay out of it completely. I need help with my cancer issues...period.


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ditto Vicki.....enough said.


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And I was missing you, NanaB! what a bunch of lovelies!

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