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Finally got full use

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I went to the ENT today and had my throat scoped to check my left vocal chord. With my 2nd surgery a parathyroid was nicked so I had lost the use of my left vocal chord. Now finally after almost 6 months I got the good news that I have full use of it. May not be as strong as it was but hopefully that will also change at some point.

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I also had a nicked vocal chord during my second surgery. My voice now comes and goes. My surgeon said try not to yell (which my kids love!) or over use my voice. If I do use my voice too much in one day, I do lose it or it gets very hoarse. I am really not upset about it because I am here to talk about it! Just don't get upset if you lose it again. It will probably come and go. I will say that I am 2 years now and I am starting to have my voice more than not. Good Luck!

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