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Adenocarcinoma with unknown primary

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Has anyone known someone with adenocarcinoma with mets to bone and brain, also with no primary found. My dad who is 59 has been diagnosed with this, he's doing well, and today the doctors are giving him a 4 week break from treatmnet. He's so excited, he just wants to feel normal again. He was diagnosed in Oct. 2008 it all caught us by surprise. Never in our wildest dreams would we of seen this coming. He is responding well to treatment Carboplatin/Taxol and Zometa every 3 weeks. After the break if things go well his break may be even longer. If however anything pops up along the way, he will be entered into a clinical trial. Right now we enjoy our time together and continue to stay positive.

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Hi. My boyfriend was diagnosed with the same in in 2/2009. He is very week now and also wants to feel better. It is just amazing to me that they can't find the primary source--not that it would make a big differance but just put the mind at ease also. My boyfriend has been on a 5 week break right now. He isn't eating well and is weak. His bones were so brittle that he broke his hip in late April.

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