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PSA after Radical

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As there exists a lack of happy precision with PSA testing both pre and post operatively regarding the "aggressiveness" of a particular cancer, I wonder about the presence of a 0.5 or less PSA after surgery (shouldn't it be absent) and whether or not radiation therapy is based upon neither sign nor symptom, but upon a statistical curve. Are there other parameters besides PSA that warrant observation (aside from obvious tumor and/or signs and symptoms)before a course of radiation?

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Wish I knew, also. I'm getting a post-op PSA in early May and will have an appointment with my suregon on May 11th.

Will post my experience.

The book below can give you some insights. I recommend it, especially as it's pretty recent.
It was at my local library, but it can be bought used at Alibris or, no doubt, at Amazon.
I'd pay for the expedited shipment, if I were you. What's a couple of extra bucks compared to knowledge? !!!
"Surviving Prostate Cancer" E. Fuller Torrey, M.D. ( Yale University Press - 2006)

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I just had my 6 month checkup and recieved a score of .06? My pre-op psa was 6.4 with a 3+4 and a biopsy with many cores possitive(cant remember actual #). post op was cancer contained within prostate and nerves spared on the right side. The left side had a large lump leading to removal of everything on that side.
Incontenace was absent within a few weeks and sexual function is getting better slowly. Viagra and Levitra work and cialis does not.

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