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Semi-Colon Roll Call

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Hi Everyone,

Back in 2004/2005 when I was deep in the fight I remember a thread that everyone listed where they lived and being amazed at how many people actually read this board (there are many more lurkers than posters!!!).

I will start a new one with a little twist, stage and current status (in treatment, starting treatment, surgery scheduled, NED, etc). As a stage IV survivor I remember how I felt that there were so many others fighting and beating the beast and the stats were so WRONG!! I think it was Stacy that said "numbers are for Vegas" and we all know medical science does not understand nor can it measure internal fortitude.

For the "newbies" NED means No Evidence Of Disease. You have to be NED 5 years before the docs and insurance companies deem you cancer free.

I will start.....................

Dxed 2/04 stage IV (mets to liver and 1 lung), currenly NED 4 1/2 years, Greensboro, NC. USA


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In March of last year my husband and I received the biggest surprise of our lives. I discovered I was 2 months pregnant with our 3rd child and we really had no idea how it happened. Two older children in our room as well as other conventional BC methods didn't prevent the pregnancy. But we looked forward to adding to our family and called the new baby our "immaculate conception.

Fast forward to November when I went in for scheduled c-section. After my tubal ligation the attending surgeon was feeling about my abdomen and felt a nodule (lymphn node) next to the colon and beneath my uterus. Surgical oncologist called immediately and biopsy confirmed adenocarcinoma. CT scan (my 9th wedding anniversary) that week confirmed 5 liver mets. I was diagnosed on 11/10 (my birthday). My husband's birthday had been 2 days before.

First oncologist said I was not operable. Second opinion at Memorial Sloan Kettering said I was "close" to resection.

11/24/08: Started FOLFOX
1/20: 2 month CT scan. Everything shrunk by 40%
2/20: colon surgery, liver surgery (40% removed, entire left lobe, wedge of right), gall bladder removed and HAI pump implanted
3/16: CT scan after being off of chemo for 2 months shows NED
3/23: Started HAI liver chemo therapy for 6 months
4/6/9: Will re-start FOLFOX for 6 rounds

Pathology from surgery indicated largest liver lesion at diagnosis had gone down 90% and was 90% necrotic. 7 of 42 lymph nodes infected.

My oncologist said the NED period started with surgery.

My daughter Katherine ("Katie Bird") is my angel...

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42 years old, had some bleeding, vague abdomindal and back pain, stretching like feeling in my stomach, palpitations.. went for colonoscopy they found 3 cm polyp which they said looked benign and sent me to mayo clinic for removal. He wrote on colonoscopy report however that it was essentially the diameter of the colonic lumen so when i got to mayo they expected i had very advanced disease and pretty much gave me my death sentence, and i told them they were wrong..then they did their own colonoscopy and sure enough they found just the polyp and they were sure it was benign too so we celebrated! The next day i went for endoscopic removal of the polyp and then went home. 2 days later i got a call and the devasating news they had found cancer in it.
I went back down for my resection and although it was negative for residual carcinoma, they found it in 1 lymph node out of 26, so i began chemo and radiation in august of 2008. I am getting 12 rounds plus the chemoradiation.. i had to quit oxaliplatin due to an allergic reaction. My 12th treatment in on April 20th...It was T1 moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma. no lymphatic or perineural invasion

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I went for a routine physical Feb 2008. Blood counts low...more testing
Upper GI - negative
occult test - negative
siliac disease - negative
CT scan 4/3/08 - BINGO - 1.5 in tumor in colon
Colonoscopy - 4/8/08 - mass too thick to go through biospy positive
surgery 4/17/08 - removed 15 inches, 4 lymph nodes positive - Stage 3B
FOLFOX chemo 5/21/08 - 10/22/08
Prior had complete hystercetomy 2004 was told that if I hadn't had that then would porbably have ovarian or uterian cancer now.

Back to work all test coming back fine so, so far so good.

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My name is Mike Walker and when I had my first colonoscopy, two polyps were discovered, one OK, the other cancerious. The gastro. snipped them both out, but recommended surgery. This was in Sept. and surgery for the resection followed in October. The surgeons couldn't find a thing wrong,no cancer and if it hadn't been for the tattoo marks the gastro. doc put in, they said they couldn't see a thing. They started off with daVinci, but due to the absence of cancer, they sliced and diced me with the big cut. They were going to take 18 inches, but as a result ended up with 5 inches of colon being removed. Recovery was hard, as all us Semicolons know. Since then, I've been checked twice and they have not found any disease, giving me the NED title. I asked the Onc. what stage my cancer was and he said a zero, maybe a one, but since it was caught early in the polyps, it was dfficult to judge. Prayers really do work and I believe all the prayers offered up on my behalf were responsible for "deleting" my cancer.

The colonoscopy was my first, and since then, I've gotten more than 50 friends and family to finally go get their first colonoscopy. I was blessed with great doctors and a great medical team. My Navy health care (I'm a retired Navy Officer) Tricare is wonderful and they are doing everything promptly and not causing problems.

So, two more PET scans and the onc. said he wouldn't need to see me again except annually. I know I am blessed to have gotten the cancer detected early. I stand in awe of those of you on the board who are so strong and cull of courage and humor.

We've lived in Scottsdale since 1980, prior to that, Waukegan, IL and my home state is Kansas.

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Hi, folks!

I presented with a lot of bleeding and ended up being sent to the hospital that day, and the next day a colonoscopy confirmed that I did have a tumor. Diagnosed Stage 1, sigmoid colon cancer on Nov. 21, 2007. Had colon resection on Nov.23, 2007 (lost about 2 ft. of my colon), and I have been NED since then. Persistent pain has had me worried more than once. It has been discovered that the pain is from nerves trapped by scar tissue. Other than that, I'm good!

I'll be walking in my second survivor lap at Relay for Life on May 15!


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I live in Gilbert AZ and was diagnosed in September after a colonoscopy for some symptoms of sluggish bowels and lots of indigestion. The scope found a lesion and I was referred for surgery on October 15th had a Hemicolectomy, not sure how many inches but half of it is now gone. I went through the surgery fine and was diagnosed stage IIIc with 7 of 17 lymph nodes involved. I would have moved quickly to Folfox chemo but a wound infection slowed me. I started chemo December 4th and have completed 9 rounds. I will be done this May and I can see the end of this chemo is close. The wound infection really blurred the first PET scan. The Oncologist said, I don't believe the findings, I think its grannular tissue and scarring, but he said lets add AVASTIN to your regimen because your young and healthy and if were wrong we moved to the right therapy for stage four, and if were wrong we got aggressive. I told it hit me with whatever you need and I'll be the best patient ever. The chemo has been no walk in the park but I am upright, good blood counts and near the end of the first 12 rounds. I feel good most of the time and believe the wound infection caused the PET to look bad. The PET tech really took no history or I would have said, I had a infection the size of my right hand. I feel good, healing is great, and I am betting the PET results were skewed by the infection and healing.

Thats alot to share but it my story of the last 8 months. I am a cancer survivor as everyone on this chain is, I have found some of the strongest people and most reassuring stories from the people on this message board. Good luck to us all, fight the good fight, and make long term plans. Attitude matters.


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Love the information sharing!

Ok... my story so far...

DX'd Dec 19/06, colon cancer where the tumour had perforated the intestinal wall, forming an abscess around the tumour and causing peritonits in the abdomen.

Dec 19 - Jan 3/07 was in the hospital on IV antibiotics to try and clear up the peritonitis infection before they could attempt a colon resection.

Jan 3 - surgery to remove tumour, abscess and 18 inches of colon plus 17 nodes (1 tested positive for cancer).

March - Oct 2007 the usual combo of three FOLFOX/Leuvocorin

May - June 2007 daily radiation, 3 zaps/day

Dec/07 - elevated CEA (6.0) but was on my way to Hawaii so onc said to go and enjoy myself.

End of Jan 2008, CEA was elevated to an 18... so PET scan ordered.

PET scan lit up with a met to my right lung and my right adrenal gland.

CAT scan showed 7 mets in the lung, only one lit up the PET scan, the other 6 were too small to affect the PET scan

June 2008 - surgical removal of the right adrenal gland (very painful surgery and recovery!)

January 2009 - RFA of the one lung met.

Tomorrow I meet with my oncologist for a "touch base" appt. since we are in a "wait and see" mode for the other lung mets... they are too small to ablate or treat with chemo so we wait and see. The longer we can go without going back on chemo, the better... gives the body that much more time to heal from the original 8 months of chemo and 6 weeks of radiation.

Meanwhile, I'm having a blast and busier than ever. I'm way too busy to actually work , so I'm enjoying each day as "ME" time :)



.... next ....

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Dx in jan 98. Had surgery next day. Lost most of my descending colon. 13 nodes removed ,six cancerous. Aggressive stage3c. 5FU//levamisole every tuesday for 48 weeks. have been ca free since surgery, cosidered cured. Live in Nambour on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland,Australia.

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Hi There

Living in Melbourne, Australia.

Diagnosed with Stage III (C) colon cancer with 3/18 positive lymph nodes in November 08 at age 39.
Currently undergoing fortnightly Folfox 6 chemotherapy treatments. Have just completed 7 sessions with 5 to go.

Can't wait for treatment to finish and can't wait to be NED.



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Ok my story
My name is Sonia, 32 years old, from Bolton in England and married
Fainted in Dec 08, and had blood and xray done. Apprently walking around with a blood count of 5.6, which amazed doctors.
To find out what bleeding was, had colonscopy and endoscopy. Colonscopy found the big zit (lol, that's what think the tumour looked like when I saw it)
Diagnosed on the 17/2/09, had right hemicolectomy on the 11/3/09, diagnosed with stage 3, with 10/11 lymph nodes infected.
Will be starting chemo in a few weeks. You are all an inspiration to me against this fight, glad I'm here.

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I was diagnosed 2/26/08 at age 51 with Stage IV colon cancer, extensive and inoperable mets to liver. Colon resection 3/08, gall bladder, ovaries also removed and HAI pump installed; 4 of 17 nodes tested microscopically positive for cancer. IROX 4/08 through 9/08 together with FUDR in pump. Liver resection 10/08. Teeny mets to lungs at first follow up CT scan 11/08. Xeloda 11/08 - 3/09. 3/09 Recurrence - single met in liver and possible bone mets. 3/09 back to irinotecan and FUDR; awaiting genetic testing for erbitux/vectibex. Current CEA of 3.6, from high of 6,955 last April.

I live in north/central NY, in the Adirondack foothills. As you can understand from my pic of my daughters, despite the illness, I consider my life to be blessed.

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krystle singer
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Hi, Sonia

My currently cancer-free (NED) body lives in Illinois, USA, but my heart lives the Highlands of Scotland. Yeah, I'm a born and bred American(Yank), but my great grand parents were from Scotland and I have been there twice. Love England and Wales too.
I'm not a doctor, but I wonder how you were able to walk with that bloodcount!

I wish you the very best with your treatment. I had my last minor colon surgery in May. Now I can feel disease free until they CT scan my kidneys in August.

So good to hear from the Brits! Be well!


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krystle singer
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Hope all is going well in treatment. I would love to go to Australia someday, but there is this little thing they call finance and it is keeping me and my (I hope) cancer free body in the States.
Hope your next post tells us you are continuing to do well.


Sandi in Illinois, USA

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DX July 2006 - Stage II Sigmod Colon; No Lymph nodes & No Mets
Emergency Surgery - 10 July 06 (blockage)
Port Surgery - Aug 06
Hole in Lung - Aug 06
Started FLOFOX - Aug 18, 06
Quit Smoking - Oct 1 06
Finished Chemo - Nov 06
First CT Scan - Dec 06
Resection Surgery - Feb 07
NED - Since Dec 06

Born and raised in Northern Virginia. Lived in Leesburg, Virginia for 20 years and moved to the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia (Charles Town) in 2004.

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After a routine colonoscopy,I was diagnosed with stage 1 colon cancer the day before Thanksgiving 2007. After surgery I found out it was bigger than they thought, penatrated colon wall and was in 6 out of 9 nodes,so I was now stage 3.I was ready to start chemo which was Folfox/ ox in Jan and I also had a pet/ct scan to see what was going on. Some nodes near my right kidney lit up, so my case was presented to a surgeon to see if it should be biopsied. It was to close to my aorta so it was decided that it was too dangerous to do anything,and they didn't add any different chemo. I finished 12 rounds of chemo in June 2009, and 2months later had another pet/ct scan. To my joy there was no sign of cancer, so I assumed I was NED. Six months later (which was 3wks ago)I had another scan.To my amazement the nodes near my kidney were there again, and once again I'm told it's too dangerous to biopsy. Right now we don't know if it's cancer or not, so I'm waiting 3 months and then I'll have a cat scan with contrast to see if anything has changed. If and when I know if it's cancer I'll have to go back to chemo. Right now it's just a waiting game, and I don't like this game at all! I also can't say I'm NED because I just don't know right now, but I'm planning on being able to say it real soon! Reading about all of you is an inspiration, you're all amazing!!!

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Hi All,

-8/07 diagnosed as stage IV
very low-lying rectal tumor, grown through the bowel wall
multiple mets to both lungs & liver- considered inoperable
-9/07-1/08Folfox + Avastin w/good response
-Feb'08-March'08- chemo/rads for rectal tumor w/super results- rectal tumor disappeared 100%
- no cancer found in rectum/colon on biopsy during flex sig, so no surgery on rectum
-May'08- Liver resection
-8/08- PET scan showed recurrence- 1 lesion in liver & numerous in lungs- back on chemo
-3/09- CT scan showed liver lesion and hilar lymph gone, but nodules in lungs still no change.
-4/2/09- had PET scan- it showed "no evidence of any metabolically active metastases"
I'll be starting soon on "maintenance" treatment to keep it from growing or becoming active again.

I live in Fallbrook, CA


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Present and accounted for!!!!!!!!

Living in Lowell, Indiana (about 45 minutes from Chicago, IL)
Diagnosed @ age 33 with stage 4 with liver mets in Oct 2001.
Chemo and raditaion prior to surgery, surgery Jan 22, 2002, more chemo til June 2002, reversed ileostomy Sept 13, 2002, been NED EVER SINCE, BABY!!!!!!!!!

I love this post!
I love that it's Friday!
I love you, man!



P.S. And "No" I am not medicated, but maybe should be!!! I have been told that I have a touch of tourettes...no barking @ people, but tend to speak without much of a filter! lol

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Stacy, I have to tell you I am on meds and I still talk without a filter at times! I did it before meds and I still do it. I've also passed that on to my son who is now 32! Some people might think it's a bad thing,I don't. Good for you being NED, congratulations!!!

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Stacy, I have to tell you I am on meds and I still talk without a filter at times! I did it before meds and I still do it. I've also passed that on to my son who is now 32! Some people might think it's a bad thing,I don't. Good for you being NED, congratulations!!!

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Stage 2, no lymph nodes involved.

Had six weeks chemo / radiation in October 08.

Surgery on 12/30/08. removed 12 inches of decending colon and rectum. Currently have a illeostomy.

Currently in middle of another round of Chemo. 5FU and leakovorin. Will finish on 6/12/09

45 yrs old

Live in Beecher, IL (30 miles south of Chicago)

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dx nov 07 colon cancer right side tumor perforated colon wallfull of poop had surgery removed the tumor alot of colon stage three 6 months of chemo oxy lec ect . two spots showed up in june of 08 biopsy of liver and kidney postive for cancer and had new tumor growing in the sigmode area so second round of chemo eribix in july . had pain in jan 09 admitted to hospital blockage in colon , Dr going in to remove blockage Opened him up so many big tumors everywhere in the pelvic area all over the colon and small intestents on his kidney was given an ileostomy it is a mess . husband had pain pump inserted in the stomach cavity to make him comfortable but he is dying now and i will miss him so.


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Diagnosed October 2006 (Happy Trick or Treat)- Stage IIb, no surrounding tissue involement, no lymph node involvement. 1st resection immediately upon diagnosis. 28 chemo/radiation treatments followed by Folfox. Finished in August 2007. Blockage 1 yr later (October 2007) at resection site, 2nd resection October-2007. Stricture at resection site, 3rd section in December 2007 with temp ileostomy, laser removal of pre-cancerous lesions on vaginal wall and bladder repair. February 2008, ileostomy repair and March 2008, ileostomy reversal. Still not considered NED, last PET (March 2009) lite up at ostomy site which is believed to be a hernia so awaiting hernia surgery. Also lite up at Port site and underwent ultrasound and mammagram. Benign cyst found in left breast being monitored closely. Also, small lesions on lower right lobe of lung but too small to diagnose.

Shreveport, Louisiana

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diagnosed in Jan 05 stage 3 colon cancer
surgery to remove transvers colon, 3 out 17 nodes were cancer
8 months of 5FU and leucovorin

May 06 -7 liver mets, inoperable, 6 months to live.
fourth surgeon said yes and had all of right lobe 40% of left and gall bladder removed
8 months of xeloda

Sept 08 lesion on liver
Nov 08 another liver re-section
currently on oxalyplatin and xeloda for 6 months.

Live in Ontario, Canada and fight on!

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My name is John
Boiling Springs SC
diagnosed @ 34
Stage 4 with multiple large mets

Technically not diagnosed until the 10th of march 2008.
Had colonoscopy 05mar08, Dr. had oncology surgeon there before I woke up. Sent for CT scan with contrast same day.
CT scan results immediately showed a dozen large tumors in liver, lungs, colon, gall bladder. Dr.'s agreed without confirming with biopsy that I had end stage 4 colon cancer. Biopsy results came back on 10th and verified Dr.s diagnosis.

Good news/Bad news-PET scan revealed no mets in lungs. Multiple mets in liver, 6 of which were bigger than 5 cm.
Cancer was inoperable.

Eventhough I had no symptoms, Dr.'s agreed to place me on best supportive care.

March 17th new Dr.s!

Had port put in.

March 20th went for chemo, port didn't work. Interventional radiologist replaced port by 11:30 am, receiving chemo by 1:30 pm

great response to folfox w avastin.

Colectomy, liver resection, ileostomy, on 01Jul08. 13 hrs of surgery, left hospital in six days, easy recovery. Ileostomy reversal 08Aug08.

Ileostomy site infection delayed chemo. Folfir w/avastin for three cycles, liver recurrence, switched backe to folfox w/avastin

2nd liver resection 13Jan09. 2 hour surgery home in 4 days. Developed liver abcess. Septic shock 6 times. Drain and stint put in liver. Drain removed 02 April 09.

26Mar09 Most recent PET and CT reveal no cancer in abdominal cavity.

I still have thyroid cancer, which is a whole different story. I will begin dealing with that next week. It should be fairly easy to deal with considering the last year. Tumor has barely increased in size over the last year and is not related to the colon cancer. One of the reasons I was placed on best supportive care by the first Dr.'s is because I had two primary cancers at the same time. Though rare it does occasionally happen. My current Dr.s ignored the Thyroid cancer as did I until we beat down the colon cancer.

So I'm claiming NED status, eventhough I still have this thyroid cancer. Soon I'll start posting on the Thyroid page and claim NED status there too.

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Hi there,

Diagnosed Jan. 2007
Stage 3 with 2 nodes out of 18 positive
Had surgery to remove ascending colon & 6 months chemo
Currently NED and loving it!

Reside in Toronto

Cheers, Lance

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Lisa Rose
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Diagnosed: March 5,2002 at age 40
Surgery: March 20,2002
Diagnosis: Rectal Cancer stage 3c ~ 10 positive lymph nodes.
Still " NED " and enjoying life.............

Home: Riverview, New Brunswick, Canada

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Beauty, hoser.

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Stage 4 here dx 9/06. Liver surgery, 2 lung surgeries, Folfox, I am now suffering emmmm... "recovering" at home from the second lung surgery. Over all things went OK. Surgery Monday and a tough first day... a horrible experience Tuesday with a couple collapsed lungs and real struggles. I actually had the Code "You are going to die" team come in to fix me up..(It actually looks more dramatic on TV and not from a patients viewpoint.) Of course then, because it’s a teaching hospital, all day people came in and poked and proded and bleed me when their class was out to add to their resume of experiences as a Stanford med student. Seriously, I kid around, but this time I was scared to death that morning... I wish I was smart and witty but all I could focus on was a poster made by the science dept right in front of me and just the good memories there saved me as much as the ventilators and drugs given. It truly is amazing how a little kindness shown can really matter. Right now I just hurt... lungs, breathing, back, side... but it will get better. I can not wait to get back to work.

On the good news side, there was only one met that he could find by palpating the lung. He did have to do the open procedure which was OK with me. Next big question coming up the 30th is follow up chemo. I have faced this before and was told that with lung mets, there really isn't data out there and I still have a below 1 CEA and NED. I will ask more later about this.

Thanks all


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Wow Chip,

prayers for a speedy recovery coming your way.....it sounds like you have been through hell this week so just keep on driving! :-)

peace, emily

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well errrrr we could go for a Timmie's eh" she's a good day here for it:):):)

please forgive me forum members.....the above is Canada speak

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I can even hear you saying it.

Being a southern gal with the obvious accent I love my Canadian friends accents and I think I could probably translate the above!!

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TIMMMMMMMMMMIE'S!!! Count me in, eh?? And let's roll up the rim to win!!! :)

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Woodbury Minnesota, just outside of Saint Paul. (born in Philly,lived in Florida for 16 years before coming here tho)

Emergency surgery on my birthday (11/7/08), stage III (something or other), 2/17 nodes involved. Had 18 inches removed. Currently doing FOLFOX, just finished number 9 yesterday, 3 to go!


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Wow Chip! I will keep you in my prayers. So sorry you are hurting.

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I was wondering how your surgery had gone. I'm sorry you had such a scare, and I hope you're going to be much better soon!


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Stage 3 for me in Oct. 08. Sigmoid colectomy Nov. 08 produced 2 positive lymph nodes. Currently on Round 5 of chemo. One more to go. My infusion was Tuesday and as I type this my finger tips are numb. I just have to remind myself, it could have been a lot worse and by the end of April I will be done. For all I know, I could be NED already. I hope so.

Best Wishes to all of you.

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dx sept 08 stage 3 rectal cancer.put in hospital on dec.5 after having 5 weeks of xeloda and radiation.it really did a number on me got down to 94 lbs,got my strengh back and had my tumor removed and a temporary iliostomy on dec 30,08.i had my iliostomy reversal on feb.4 09 .had 10 nodes removed 5 showed up bad.currently doing 12 treatments of good ole oxy and 5fu.got 2 down and 10 more to go.its been rough but i think i can...i think i can....i know i can Godbless....johnnybegood

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Kay, here, from Round Rock, Texas....outside of Austin. A huge round rock resides in a small creek in the center of town...thus...Round Rock!

Diagnosed in 2003 with stage 3 sigmoid colon cancer. Given Folfox before it was even approved for stage 3...135mg! NED since completing chemo in the summer of 2004.

Hugs to all,


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Forgot to write I live in Cedar Park, TX. right outside of Austin!

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My husband Dick was diagnosed 1/12/09 after a routine colonoscopy.
Age 51, Stage IIIc, 7/17 nodes
1/27/09 - 75% of colon removed, tumor was in the cecum (7 cm of small intestines removed too)
Started Folfox 6 on March 09. 2 out of 12 rounds done.

We live in Kailua, Hawaii and love it!

So good to see everyone checking in. :)

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Hi Kathleen,

Ya ever want to do a house swap--come to the Northwoods of MN and experience the largest freshwater lake in the entire world??

I've never been to Hawaii. :-)

peace, emily who really would like to retire her mukluks for the year.....where are you spring??

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Hi Emily,
I remember a very long winter (maybe 1996) when there was so much snow at Easter in Apple Valley, MN we could not do the Easter Egg hunt outside. :) That being said, MN is sooo beautiful and up North where you live is fabulous. I know Spring is right around the corner, the flowers will be up soon.

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krystle singer
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OK, so Illinois isn't as good as Hawaii, but my husband is a MN boy and would love to return there. I need to be NED a LOT longer before we get to even visit his home state. I love MN.But all my family and doctors (Ihave more specialists than relatives now) are here in Aurora, Il.
Come now, mukluks? Cool! Love boots.

Keep well, keep warm!

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Diagnosed 03/02/06 after a routine colonoscopy (my first). Colon resection 03/22/06. Stage 1 (or as my gastroenterologist says, I am the poster child for early detection). Still NED three years later.

We live in Lee's Summit, Missouri, which is a suburb of Kansas City.

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DX 7/29/03 StageIV, colectomy, radiation, chemo 5FU, oxillaplatin, leucovorin, colostomy reversal, port removed... NED since 2004!


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Forgot to put where I am from...lol.. Pittsburgh, PA


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This is my first post- i live in Pittsburgh Pa

44 yo mom of 2 beautiful young ladies(13,12) and a pretty great husband,too. Diagnosed 10/2007 Stage IV with metastasis to the left ovary. The other ovary was not removed at the time because they both looked "normal" at surgery. 6 months of folfox and avastin. Was to do 6 more months of Avastin alone both developed a pulmonary embolis and had to discontine.Convinced oncologist to have gyne onc take out other ovary 11/08. Right ovary also looked normal at surgery however positive at pathology. No additional chemo as I am NED right now. Awaiting PET at end of May.

Keep fighting everyone. There are many survivors out there and we are among them!!


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Welcome to the board, Dawn. I like the way you were so proactive about that ovary. Way to save your health!

Looking forward to more posts from you.


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Live in a small town about an hour outside of Phoenix called Coolidge.

May 07 DX at age 38, had some bleeding, did a colonoscopy and the doc called me the next day to tell me I had cancer, within two weeks I had seen a colon doc and a ONC and has surgery to remove part of colon, found out it was stage 3 with some lymph nodes involved. Started chemo in July 07 for 3 months, then 6 weeks of radiation and oral chemo (xeloda) then 3 more months of Chemo. Finished in late Feb 08, PET scan revealed no cancer anywher so I was considered NED. Had my 3 month check up in June, cat scan found somethingin lung, did a PET scan it didnt lite up so was again cleared. Next 3 month (Oct 08) check up again cat scan found something in lung, this time the PET scan lite up. Had a biopsy to see if it was colon cancer or another primary cancer, Nov 12 08 was told it was colon cancer, Nov 18 had surgery to remove it, got great margins and the path report said the margins were clear no cancer. Dec 08, started Xeloda and I am starting my 6th round today, two more to go after this one.

I have to be honest, I am totally scared to death about it coming back. But I pray and try to stay positive. I love reading so many good stories were people are NED and staying that way. I pray that this time I will stay NED as well. I also always include everyone here in my prayers, this board has been a godsend to me and I thank everyone of you from my heart for being there for me on so many occasions.

God Bless

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Stage 3 in May 2008 at the age of 32, 2 feet of colon removed, 9 lymph nodes, 1 positive

Underwent 12 rounds of FOLFOX and found out cancer had spread despite that.

Now: Stage 4 as of January 2009, 1 liver met, 2 intra-abdominal mets, all surgically resectable

Currently undergoing FOLFIRI+Avastin, will have reconnection/resection surgery in June 2009 after my 6th treatment

CT/PET showed all stable after my 3rd FOLFIRI treatment with some very slight shrinkage of liver met.

I live in New Hampton, NH and go to Mass General for my treatment.

Hugs and Prayers to all,


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