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Had my '7-days-after-last-chemo' safety checkup today.

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I just got back from having my blood drawn and meeting with my oncologist. I had my last chemo last Thursday, and have to appear every 7 days for a 'safety' monitoring, to make sure my already-low counts don't fall into the scary range as that last round of chemo kicks in. Everyone seemed pretty happy about today's blood work, although my oncologist said he felt I hadn't yet hit my nadir point and expects my counts to all drop again next week. But my white count was 10.6 (thanks to Friday's Neulasta shot), and my platelets were 63 (not the 100 they should be, but also not the 24 they have dropped to at my low point before). But no transfusion called for today!

Since all I needed was a blood draw, I got all dolled up for my appointment with wig, drawn-on eyebrows, false lashes and dangly earrings; and wore jeans instead of my stretchy valour 'yoga' pants I wear for chemo. I am tired of looking pitiful, and eager to put that cancer-look behind me. My oncologist makes me feel wonderful! He reassured me that he thinks we've killed every cancer cell with the chemo and that I will never have to sit in the chemo loungechair again. (LET THAT BE TRUE!) He'll be scheduling an appointment with the radiation oncologist, and my post-chemo CT-scan in about a week, but has no doubts that my CT-scan will be NED. (Again: LET THAT BE TRUE!) Dr, White is either a great actor, a perpetual optimist, or he truly believes that he has cured my cancer. Whatever it is, I can see the weight lift off of my husband Vic, as he talks with him, and hope lights up again in Vic's eyes that I will actually survive this journey. I swear this can be harder on caregivers than on patients!

OH! Dr. White said that there is some kind of semi-permanent false eyelashes that you can have individually attached at some hair replacement places that last for months. I may do that is I can find out more about it and where it can be done. Anyone else ever hear of this? If it will be months until I have lashes, this would be a GREAT solution to the naked eyes.

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Congratulations! I am so happy for you, finished with chemo and cancer free! This is definately a day to celebrate. I'm glad you are feeling well enough to get "dolled up!" Continue to take extra special care of yourself as your body recovers from your last chemo treatment. Radiation is going to be a breeze for you.
Let me know what you find out about the eyelashes, it might be well worth the investment. I still have lashes, but they are pretty thin and puny looking! lol I keep putting mascara on them, it does help some. My hair is growing! I sure hope I can get a treatment on Monday.
Well, again... congratulations on all of your good news. Have a wonderful day!

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Great news, Linda! It's such a relief to be done with chemo. I know it will seem like forever but your hair and eyelashes will grow back and be gorgeous once again. I started getting hair 5 weeks after my last treatment with eyelashes also. I have heard of the false lashes but I thought they attach them to your existing lashes which obviously wouldn't work in this situation. You're probably much more conscious of the lack of eyelashes than anyone else. Draw a line with a liner pencil along your upper lash line and then just go for it. I actually had someone suggest to me that I have my eyebrows tattooed on so I'd look better. I never did master the art of drawing them on, always felt clownish and fake.

Not to change the subject, but I had my CA125 blood draw today for my 3 month checkup next Wed. and I'm a wreck and will be until next week. I had a colonoscopy on March 12 (just because I had never had one and turned 60 in December) and everything was A OK. It was a big relief since my tumor involved my colon and I lost a large section of it in my surgery.

Keep on fighting and hopefully we'll all stay NED forever. Terry

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Oh Linda i am so happy for you. I think your oncologist is optimistic and i believe he believes you are CANCER FREE. You have been thru so much and I just know that you will continue to do well and it must be so hopeful for your husband. God Bless you both and continued success as each day passes!!
Many good wishes your way!!!!!!!!!!!!
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