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Our doctor mentioned this drug as an option. We are deciding about a clinical Trial too? Somebody responds well to this drug? positive results? progression of the disease? Please don't let me alone.


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I was on carboplatin/taxol combo for the full cycle to fight my lung cancer, and the doctor changed my meds when i wasnt responding to that combo. The tumors did not grow, however, they did not shrink either. Basically , that combination kept the cancer at bay so to speak. I am now on Aliimta and have radiation as well. I have a ct scan friday , hopefully there will be postive things to report :) Just because the combination did not seem to work for me...does not mean that it wont be the cure all for someone else...just food for thought there. Good luck to you , and God Bless! ~Sunshine~

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Dear Sunshine:
Thank you for sharing your experience. My husband did the carboplastin but in combination with Etoposide. Also didn't shrink the tumor.

First cycle: Carboplastin & Etoposide (6 cycles, every 3 weeks
Second line of quemoteraphy: Topotecan (8 cycles, every 3 weeks)

Topotecan helped better. Doctor told us that comparing first CT SCAN after Topotecan. She saw less cancer. But the tumor is still there. So we will take a Clinical Trial in our Hospital here in SF, CA.

I will ask my doctor about Aliimta.

Thank you Sunshine.

Good luck with your CT SCAN, LET ME KNOW.


charleen menzel
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I had four treatments of carboplatin/taxol scheduled every three weeks for twelve weeks. My tumor was 7cm and when I started chemo after the 2nd treatment the tumor had shrunk in half. The last two treatments the tumor had completly dissolved. I then was sent to the surgeon and my right lower lobe was removed and at this time I am cancer free. So carbo/taxol worked great for me. Good Luck to you.

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My dad was just dx with lung cancer. He had surgery to remove a mass that ended up taken both lobes of right lung plus 4 ribs and chest wall in his back. They rebuilt it with medical glue and "stuff". He had his first round of chemo taxol/carbo.... about 2 weeks ago and he is feely lousy!! He can't eat or drink, he is weak. His creatin levels are high. He was hospitalized for fluids. Did you experience any of this and if so how did you handle it? I had treament last year for colon cancer and chemo knocked me for a loop so I can totally feel for him. Any suggestions with this particular treatment would be helpful. Thanks.

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Hi: My wife was diagnosed stage 3b nsclc lung cancer on August 1, 2008 Surgery at UAB Al. was unsuccessful. The surgeon was able to remove an infusion that had cancer cells and two cancerous lymph nodes. The following pet scan showed that the 4.8 cm tumor was the only area that lite up. The surgeon sent my wife's cancer cells to a lab that tested the sensitivity of her cancer to the different types of chemo. The results came back showing that her cancer was extremely sensitive to carboplaten and toxal. (for some reason not all doctors will do this) The next step was 3-dimensional radiation in combination with chemo combo of carboplaten/toxal. She received radiation for 7 weeks every day and chemotherapy (carboplaten/toxal cobo once a weeks for 12 weeks - she is very tough and stubborn. On a scale of 1 to 10 here bad days were a 7. The radiation made her very tired and towards the end of the chemo she started getting tired. The side of affect to the toxal was that her nose ran and she coughed up mucous from time time to time. The excellent chmo nurse said toxal will cause this to happen. She has now finished the radiation and the chemo. Last pet scan showed that here tumor has shrunk 90%. The oncologist called this a partial remission. She will start alimta in 3 weeks. Good Luck gene and sue

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That's what I had... let's see pretty much March through May in 2005. That's gotta be about the same regimen that Charleen here mentioned. My blood counts eventually made them stretch it out to every four weeks instead of three. I think it was pretty potent. One thing I liked about this regimen is that the side-effects got progressively worse. That might sound weird, but I could handle the problems, aches and pains and nausea, more easily that way. I was pretty wiped out after four treatments. Of course, everybody is different.

Good luck, Tim

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I did three rounds .
My body would not take the forth.
I don't know if it worked or not ,I am still here.

I don't think I would do it again but Every body Reacts different.
I is a big decision Good luck an God bless an help you with your problem.

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barbara has now ben on taxol for 4 rounds.She had some setbacks,as new tumor growth in between lung and heart caused cardiographic effusion,and the taxol triggered her svt's (a runaway heart rythm)so she had to get effusion drained and svt repaired(heart surgery is no fun)so she is now tolerating it much better, although we still have tumor activity side effects are minimal...

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my mom has small cell carsinoma and its not looking so good how is your husban as of today

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My husband was diagnosed with Stage IIIB inoperable Non small cell lung cancer in July 2007.
He had a huge tumor in his lung and in two lymph nodes outside of the lung. He participated in a trial with taxol/carboplatin, Bev and Tarceva. He also received 42 days of radiation.
The first two rounds of taxol/carboplatin were huge doses but it shrank the tumor by 40%.
He took a nausea pill called emend and he was not sick at his stomach once. He did have quite a bit of diarhea though. When first diagnosed the doctor thought he only had about six months and advised that the trial was the way to go. I am glad he participated in the trial. I have met several patients who were in the same trial and did quite well. When the trial was completed my husband's tumor could no longer be seen. Lots of luck.

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We are in route to MDAnderson tomorrow(4/21/09) for our 1st check up after a heavy radiation schedule combined with taxol/carboplatin that ran for 8 days 6 to 8 hrs a day with a 2 week rest and another 8 day regime. I will be able to adress the success on thursday when we return. I hope for the success that others have had on this thread


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Prayers go with you!

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Hi i have had 2 treatments and am scheduled to have a ct scan to see if any progress has been made. Get a little achy with the joints-- to be expected but i do wish you well with your treatment --- do not seem to get sick just a little run down....I wish you well with your treatments and pray it works for you. patti

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