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dfsp information dermato fibrosarcoma protuberans

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i was diagnosed with dfsp on late November 2008 after three surgeries we achieve negative margins. we went with wide excision surgery i just had a skin graph a few days back and now i am in the hospital recovering. the skin graph hurt the most out of the other 3 surgeries combine. i know that there is not alot of information on this type of cancer i will be using google websites to create as much information as i can about dfsp. in the website i will describe what i went through the the surgeries i had with pictures of how everything came out this website will help others who have been diagnosed with dfsp and what to expect as time goes on i am hoping that it doesn't come back but we just have to wait and see if you have any questions regarding dfsp just reply or send me a message at dioselrodriguez@gmail.com even though there is not alot of information out there we can all help each other through our experiences.

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