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Urine Leakage

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Anyboby have any experience similar to mine?

Had radical prostate removal last June. Am only using 1 pad a day and do not need any at night except if I am trying to have sex. Before, during and after sex I have no control over my blader. It just leaks continually. I am using ( not too successfully )the inection method to get an erection.

Anyone offer any hope or suggestions ?


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Good luck with the control. i've been luckier than you. It's been 6 months for me and I've been very fortunate in the control department. Lately things have improved dramatically in the sex department. What I did for control is concentrate and hold my urine back as long as possible. At first I went nowhere without emergency clothes at hand. Now I am dry at all times, but still practice constant vigilance. Keep us all posted and we'll all keep rooting for you.

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I've been wondering if anyone else had been experiencing what I call "sex leakage". 16 months after DaVinci, continence is generally very good and no pads worn unless I know I'll be imbibing alchohol or heavy exertion - still only small spotting. However, just a sexy hug from my wife might trigger a little instant "spurt"! And foreplay must be generally done with me on my back, else some discharge might occur. Needless to say, this can put a damper on things quickly, though I have a very understanding wife. It's as if the transition of the urinary tract from normal urinary flow to preparation for intercourse which would NORMALLY "reroute" one's plumbing for semen discharge, instead triggers small discharges of urine. I, along with bazzerdog, would very much like to know if others are experiencing this, and any possible solution, though I can't imagine any. I always have to keep a towel handy....

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I have been incontinent for 3 yrs after LRP. My erections are quite good, however, I experience at times during sex the urge to leak. When that happens I go and urinate and that allows me to regain a good erection and have sex. Many times I don't get that urge and can stay erceted and get through sex without urinating. It really seems to depend if I had too much liquids to drink shortly before sex. My wife does joke, however, and said if you had an erection all day, you would rarely leak. She's RIGHT. That's just how my anatomy is working right now. I believe being detailed like this really could help others put things in perspective.


HOPE THIS HELPS...............LION 1.

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I'd say this is common among most men who have had a prostatectomy.
Be patient and be sure to stop at the restroom before relations.

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I always use the bathroom just prior to adjourning to the bedroom for "entertainment", including extra effort to "squeeze out the last drop", but it sometimes makes no difference -- there often seems to be a little reservior of urine just waiting to be expelled when my body begins to transition into the intercourse mode. It doesn't always happen, but I never know if it will or not, so it tends to keep me on edge, which of course distracts from the physical pleasures we are sharing.

I agree with Lion1 and have no problem sharing these personal issues -- it will help all of us better deal with the post-PrC issues.

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Thanks for the response. Just another thought. Since the biggest thing taken away from us in situations like ours exclusively, is the Spontaniety. But as much as we try to plan sex, we usually end up having it when it's not planned becuase we both have busy lives. The reason I say this is if life didn't get in the way of sex, then I could quit drinking fluids at 4:00PM everyday and probably have little to no leakage during sex. But, of course that's unrealistic.

My next venture is to determine what treatment to go after for my incontinence. I just would not want all the progress I made in the erection arena to be affected by THE SLING or THE AUS per say. I am suppose to see a Doc about this in May. The one thing I have to say is, I have no pain with my current condition-----------------but I have read so many stories about the pain and suffering that could result with the incontinence surgerys. I would definitely pursue a top-notch surgeon,but these procedures are not full proof and I know nothing in life is. however, do you trade wetness---for a whole new set of problems?????

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