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Sleep after chemo

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I was wondering if anyone has had problems with needing TOO much sleep after chemo. I was diagnosed with AML when I was 16 (I'm 21 now) and I've been in remission for 3 years and I still need way too much sleep. I slept alot when I was on chemo from the meds and I guess for comfort but now I just feel awful if I dont go to bed really early. I get sick and nauseated and irritable. Even with what would seem like enough sleep. Im in nursing school and we tend to lose sleep a lot, haha! Anyone else have the same problem? :)

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I had a week of chemo in March and I want to sleep all the time. My brother (he's an RN) says for me to get up and do something and if I do that, it helps. But, if I stay in bed, I'll go back to sleep.

Good luck in nursing school. It's an awesome profession.


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I was diagnosed with AML a year ago. My suggestion with a lack of energy is drink lots of Green Tea. It's great for giving you energy, boosting your metabolism, and supposedly has a lot of anti-cancer effects as well.

Alternatively, I tend to keep myself awake with an energy drink here and there ^.^;

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I will give that a try! Im on a ton of steroids right now so no problem staying awake right now!! haha! Thank you!

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