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Need help if anyone has same symptoms!!

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Hello!! I am a thyroid cancer survivor. I was diagnosed in Aug '07 and had my thyroid completely removed. Last October, I was hospitalized with having dry heaves for almost 2 weeks. It was terrible. Since then, I still get these spells with the dry heaves or I will get really sick where I feel like I am going to be sick. After lots of weeding things out, I have determined that my body can't tolerate caramel coloring. I am just wondering if anyone else gets these symptoms. If I have even had anything with this coloring, I get really sick where I have to take the chemo dissolving tabs and then it immediately goes away. I am to a point that I am looking for anyone who knows anything about this or has experienced this. Thanks so much

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but you might want to get on myspace and look up the thyroid cancer support group on there. There are 700+ members and there is usually a decent amount of activity. So if no one on here replies or if you're looking for more info, maybe someone on there can help? My addy on there is www.myspace.com/sevencomeelevengirl I hope you find some answers!

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The Thyroid Cancer Survivors group on yahoo has over 5,000 members. Visit to join:

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