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emotions/ anybody care to chat with me ?

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Joined: Mar 2002

would it be ok if someone wants to chat with me ?i can talk with someone who has been where I am now i would like to talk with someone about my emothions and I wilol feel better if someone want to chat with me or e-mail me

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I also Have (Had) brain cancer and still fighting more, I would be able to chat. I also have yahoo messenger as: eyesofice2us and you can find me there.. also my email is: eyesofice2us@yahoo.com and all can email me there that would like to talk about cancer. my daughter also has stage four sarcoma cancer right now and in treatment for 9 tumors.. Thanks all. for prayers. MIKE~

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Hello mike
im new in al these so i dont realy knw what to say,im frm south africa and i just want to know how u & ur daughter are holding up, im sory to hear about both your cancer's and i hope GOD takes care of you, i know what cancer feels like ,it hurts but then you gotta be strong. Please email me &tel me how you and your daughter are holding up, thanx hey,i hope your fine, here's my email address: MOLLYLEE@OVI.COM, GOD BLESS YOU, love mellee

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Joined: Nov 2009

Hey maureengirl
id also like to chat with you,im also lost in the world of cancer,im only 20 &i dont realy know who to talk to,i feel lonely &sad,im suicidal because thr simply isint much 4me to do,im nt 4rm a very close family,so i rely quite heavily on sleeping tablets,please email me: mollylee@ovi.com &tel me how u realy feeling,thanx nd GOD BLESS, LV MELLEE

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