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Has anyone heard how Angelica's husband is doing? He sounded like he was having a rough time of it.

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No I haven't Jim. But I do wan't to tell you that 6 mo. post op. I am getting a good amount of function back. 50 mg. of Viagra seems to do the trick. I firmly believe that a combination of a good physician, and a possitive patient with a strong desire to regain all normal function, and some luck is what it takes to get through this.

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Wow that is good to hear Ism. I think that the side effects of surgery are major concerns when we consider our treatment options. Nobody wants to feel like we are permanently effecting our quality of life. But I do also realize that that can happen. I am going thru this with my eyes wide open. But reading updates from you , Olee, Whubbs, Shipjim, etc help get me thru this part of my life.

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I share in your concern for Angelica and her husband.
In fact, once you connect with someones disgnosis and treatment on a personal level here, you want to stay connected and know they are OK.
I'd say there is a good number of people who seek advice and counsel here prior to and just after surgery, and end up staying clear of the blog when trying to put the PCa bump in the road 'behind them".
Often I'll be speaking to my wife at night about a guy I've spoken or emailed with regarding their own difficulties, and sometimes we feel that perhaps I should be stepping back as well, in order to keep my frame of mind on a positive trend.
But, I have to admit, what keeps me positive, is the ability to help others.
I know that empty feeling of the diagnosis, the truly alone feeling you get when you realize you are now in a battle for your life. Despite having an army of family and friends, you are still the one thats going to get the battle scars.
Sharing that experience with others who have been through the same (or very similar) situation, makes that world of questions and fear a lot smaller and managable.
That in itself is priceless. I'm thankful that I had the ability to ask the hard questions up front as well.
I hope Angelican and her husband are doing well and I hope she checks in with us soon.
My offer always stands with anyone who needs to talk.
RRMCJIM - feel free to email me, I've talked to a few men and shared the difficult details that are not so easy to speak about publicly. I think it helps, it certainly did for me.

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AMEN Wubbs,

I too wonder about many of the people I've "talked to" over the years. I guess they don't realize they leave us wondering and to a degree worrying, it's kind of like family and I for one feel a responsiblity to report back from time to time.
I've counseled many people face to face where I live and have made many posts here and it is personally gratifying and helpful to them.

Glad your here and well and sharing. jj

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