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Diet tips...

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Hello, just want to know where i can find diet tips for someone diagnosed with rectal cancer...any links that is useful and has examples is helpful.

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hi, not sure if you are looking for something to help deal with symptoms like a low residue type diet, or just what they recommend in general to be healthier living with the disease...pretty much the consensus is to limit red meat to no more than 18 ounces a week(according to memorial sloan kettering) use all meat as more of a side dish than an entree...try to avoid carcinogens in food such as not cooking at high temps..marinading grilled foods..avoid nitrites and nitrates in foods by buying uncured versions. limit processed meats and foods.. watch carb intake at meals and 'white' foods..it is believed that increased insulin levels in the body increase inflammation and can cause polyps and cancer cells to grow... increase fresh fruits and vegetables of course..especially broccoli and cabbage type foods and berries etc.. if on chemo and radiation, most doctors recommend avoiding any supplememts containing large amounts of antioxidants during treatment..
I am sure others have more to offer..

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Would like to add the following to the suggested diet intake: blueberries,
red or black grapes, pomegranite juice are high in anti-oxidants and also
nuts especially almonds and brazil nuts. Also sardines, are very high in
omega-3 and very very low in mercury contamination due to their being bottom
feeders...unlike tuna which has a higher mercury contamination.

Here there is the non-profit Wellness Community for cancer people and their
caregivers with free programs on all types of subjects including nutrition.
I attended their Cooking for Wellness class.....it was wonderful, we got to
taste the dishes the instructor prepared.....fresh veges and fruits and I
came home with recipes and started eating veges I had not eaten for years
or had never eaten and love it.....do believe that what we eat and exercise
may kick ca in the butt!


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