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angiosarcoma due to radiation?

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My mom has been recently diagnosed with angiosarcoma of the breast grade 2/3, possibly due to the radiation she received on that breast for a ductal carcinoma. She had a lumpectomy followed by radiation in 2004 august. We are worried about her prognosis based on what I read on the web - it pretty much looks like the end in few months. Any survivors of angiosarcoma and any care to be taken to survive longer?. As of now, they did mastectomy and removed the breast. The doctors are saying no chemotherapy as it is not effective in this case.

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I was diagnosed with Angiosarcoma of my irradiated breast in 2006. I was treated for Invasive Ductal Carcinoma several years prior to the diagnosis. Although so rare and usually aggressive, I was given the gift of low grade AS. I initially had a mastectomy with a wide excision for the AS and a prophylactic mastectomy on the unaffected side. Although I have had many surgeries for suspicious lesions, I have not had a recurrence. The fear does linger a bit. I hope that your mom is at one of the major Cancer Centers, and is with an Oncology Surgeon that she feels very comfortable with. The road that I travel is far more tolerable with the smart and compassionate team that I have in place. I hope the fact that I am here and doing well gives you and your mom a little hope.

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I, like your mom, have just been given the same diagnosis. I am not sure yet what all this means. I am scheduled to have a bi-lateral mastectomy later this month. I will have to wait to see what the other treatment may be. Also, like you, I don't find much encouragement on the web. But I'm trusting in God and my surgeon who hasn't been as negative as what I see on the web.

I hope your mom is doing well.

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i was diagnosed end of sept with as. have had my mastectomy, scans all clear, no matastazing. now doing chemo. gemcitabine & taxotere. 4-6 cycles... my surgeon got good margins and is hopeful, as is with my oncologist. he said i have a good start. it is a very agressive cancer, but after being there all summer,i was misdiagnosed, mine didn't spread. i think my surgeon was amazed. me, i'm very grateful. a miracle. what chemo has anyone else had? i have alot of little side effects from the taxotere. no looking forward to the next one... for all of you, my best wishes. don't get defeated.

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