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miracle fruit for taste buds

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saw a news blip on tv the other day about something called taste tripping you eat this little friut called a miracle fruit and it makes lemons taste sweet and it makes your taste buds wake up they even mentioned a study for oralcancer people.

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Hi Victor53. I guess we will have to do some digging on that one. We all have the hope that something can make our lives better. I guess we don't appreciate taste, smell ect until we have lost some of it. Thanks for the info. Slickwilly

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Please let me know what you find out, I will try the same.
Does anyone know the best way to get ridof this radiation?

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slick52, My radiation treatment ended on 10/2008. The first thing that I was able to taste was scrambled eggs, about 3 weeks later. But the side effects of fatigue and swelling to my cheeks is still there in force. I am hoping that this all will end in about 1 year. The doctors really do not know, but say that I am "doing just great" considering that all signs of cancer have not shown up in 6 months now. This is all new territory for me, so I am hoping for the best along with so many others out there. I would appreciate any comments from anyone who has had a similar experience.

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