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Fibroadipose Tissue???

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Hello! I'm new here.. I've had Thyroid Cancer twice. I am 27 years old. First surgery they got my whole thyroid out, at least I thought that and also 2 canceroues lymph nodes. I had my second surgery on March the 10th 2009 to take put a thyroid residual. They took the piece out as well as 5 small metastatic cancerous lymph nodes, they were attached to the thyroid piece.

I Will be getting my Radioactive iodine soon on April. When I talk to the doctor she said that I am not cured yet and that the cancer moved from the thyroid area to a FIBRO ADIPOSE TISSUE.. I just want to know if there is someone that can relate to this. She said that this type of cancer is not going to take my life.. I want to trust her but I just want to make sure that she was not sugar coating things.. I would like to know what can I expect..

I wonder how difficult it's going to be to kill it with the pill if now the scenario it's different.. and I mean by where the cancer is now..


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My mother has been infected with the same cancer, we did operate it and did 4 months of chemio tharapy, after that MRI and CT scan shows its all clear, but after 40 days when the new cells grown, the cancer cell also grown at that time,

This is sugar coated that this cancer is not life taking, infact it is dangerous,

we are now doing homeopathic treatment, i dont know either you believe it or not, but its working out.

let me know if you are interested to gain more information


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