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?? I think I'm catching a cold

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I think I'm catching a cold. Will I still have treatment if I have a cold?

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As long as it doesn't get very bad and you don't develop an infection, you should be fine. Chemo can also give you flu and cold-like symptoms. For instance, I generally get a sore throat after each treatment. Whether you get treatment depends on whether your blood tests confirm that your white and red blood cell counts are adquate. Try to head off your cold by getting plenty of good nutrition, liquids, and rest.


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BTW, if you don't have a good thermometer, get one! It is a good idea, especially if you are feeling cold/flu-ey to take your temperature. As our white cells ( the infection fighters) are depleted with chemo, even a temp of 99 warrants a quick call to your Dr. We simply have no infection fighting reserves, and what we could and would have ignored Pre-chemo needs to be treated differently during chemo. It's one of those "better safe than sorry" things. You would be surprised that when our temps "spike" to 100, many oncologists will prescribe an antibiotic. I pretty much had my cancer center on speed-dial~ and they were always wonderful about answering my legitimate questions~ even the one at 3AM when I was embarrassed to admit that I was constipated!! They have heard it all, and again, be on the safe side and call your Dr.


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Thats what I wasn't sure of. If fever is over 100. Thanks!! Just needed reassurance.


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I find I have a runny nose for a few days with each treatment--no real fever--just a runny nose. It seems to come and go. Cheryl

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Mikes Sunshine
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I am just starting to feelbetter after chemo #3 and now I am getting a cold too. I hope it won't delay the next treatment.

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