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CT results & update

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My mom received her CT results yesterday and all is stable. The onc is keeping an eye on a small growth that is showing up on the CT. It grew a tiny bit but because it is where the incision for her surgery she isn't concerned because it may very well just be scar tissue so for now we're just keeping an eye on it. The other good news is that she does not have to have radioactive iodine therapy for thyroid cancer. They did an ultrasound and it looked as if everything was surgically removed so no need for further therapy! Well that and they don't want to deplete her bone marrow, chemo does that for her anyway. Hooray! She took the news very well as this means her current regimen is working for her. My prayers are answered.

On another note, I know you are all praying folk. I am asking that you pray for my friend who lost his 5 year old son over the weekend. The doctors are still not sure of the cause of death. I am amazed at my friend's character and spirit. I went to see him Tuesday night and took his family some brownines. He is holding the rest of his family up and being so strong for his 8 year old son. With all that is going on in his life, he immediatley asked how my mom was doing and told me to tell her that he was thinking about her and praying for her. Please say a special prayer for him to help get through this difficult time.

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Hi Krystie,

Wonderful news about your mom's report! Also, I definitely will pray for your friend who lost his 5 yr old son- also for the 8 yr old son and anyone else in the family or friend circle who is affected by this. Here, we on this board all worry about cancer taking us and then someone can just die like that, in the snap of a finger without any warning. Life is a funny and unsure thing, isn't it? That's why we all need the love and support of family and friends, but especially the support and peace of a loving and all-knowing God. Even when we are dismayed and angered that such things could happen, we just have to trust and believe that our all-knowing God is still in control. Bad things can and still happen to good people. It may not seem right or fair, but it is what it is because we live in a very imperfect world and we are left having to deal with it. I'm so glad that I don't have to deal with it alone- neither does anyone else if they reach out to the One who created them and loves them. It sounds like your friend is dealing with it well now- I hope and will pray that it will continue and that he and his other son will be okay.

Take care- you are inspiration to me by being such a loving and supportive daughter to even be on this board for your mom's sake- she's a lucky woman to have you for a daughter.
God bless-

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It is me that is lucky to have such a wonderful mom. I also must admit, this board is the only place where a caretaker can air thier concerns to ears who listen and respond with insight through experience. My mom doesn't have internet access so I often recant stories or words of encouragement to her from the people here. All very useful tools for her fight! God Bless you and I will continue to pray for you and your family. THis beast doesn't know who it messed with.

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Things sound very promising. I hope it is just scar tissue. I went through a bit of a scare myself with suspicious spots on my lung. Last CT showed no growth so probably not cancer (knock on wood) Send my best wishes to your Mom. (who has a great daughter also)

Cheers, lance

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Hi, Krystie.

That's great about your mom! It sounds like she's really making progress against this beast. I'm so happy for both of you!

I will also pray for your friend and his family. That's very sad about the little boy. I hope they at least will find a cause for this tragic loss.


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