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Something to Share.......

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: God is in Control

This was forwarded to me...thought it was worth passing on...

A man from Norfolk , VA called a local radio station to share this on Sept 11th, 2003, TWO YEARS AFTER THE TRAGEDIES OF 9/11/2001.

His name was Robert Matthews. These are his words:

A few weeks before Sept. 11th, my wife and I found out we were going to have our first child. She planned a trip out to California to visit her sister. On our way to the airport, we prayed that God would grant my wife a safe trip and be with her. Shortly after I said 'amen,' we both
heard a loud pop and the car shook violently. We had blown out a tire. I replaced the tire as quickly as I could, but we still missed her flight. both very upset, we drove home.

I received a call from my father who was retired NYFD. He asked what my wife's flight number was, but I explained that we missed the flight.

My father informed me that her flight was the one that crashed into the southern tower. I was too shocked to speak. My father also had more news for me; he was going to help. 'This is not something I can't just sit by for; I have to do something.'

I was concerned for his safety, of course, but more 20 because he had never given his life to Christ. After a brief debate, I knew his mind was made up. Before he got off of the phone, he said, 'take good care of my grandchild. Those were the last words I ever heard my father say; he died while helping in the rescue effort.

My joy that my prayer of safety for my wife had been answered quickly became anger. I was angry at God, at my father, and at myself. I had gone for nearly two years blaming God for taking my father away. My son would never know his grandfather, my father had never accepted Christ, and I never got to say good-bye.

Then something happened. About two months ago, I was sitting at home with my wife and my son, when there was a knock on the door. I looked at my wife, but I could tell she wasn't expecting anyone. I opened the door to a couple with a small child.

The man looked at me and asked if my father's name was Jake Matthews. I told him it was. He quickly grabbed my hand and said, 'I never got the chance to meet your father, but it is an honor to meet his son.'

He explained to me that his wife had worked in the World Trade Center and had been caught inside after the attack. She was pregnant and had been caught under debris. He then explained that my father had been the one to find his wife and free her. My eyes welled up with tears as I thought of my father giving his life for people like this. He then said, 'there is something else you need to know.'

His wife then told me that as my father worked to free her, she talked to him and led him to Christ. I began sobbing at the news.

Now I know that when I get to Heaven, my father will be standing beside Jesus to welcome me, and that this family would be able to thank him themselves .

When their baby boy was born, they named him Jacob Matthew, in honor of the man who gave his life so that a mother and baby could live.

This story should help us to realize this: God is always in control.

We may not see the reason behind things, and we may never know this side of heaven, but God is ALWAYS in control.

Please take time to share this amazing story. You may never know the impact it may have on someone. God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called.

Give thanks to the Lord for He is good. His love endures Forever.&nb sp; Psalm 136:1

God Bless you all.............

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You can tell those stories to a pregnant lady! I'm sitting a my desk hoping no one comes in or I'll have to explain that it's God's fault I'm sobbing at my desk. Ok, I'm kidding about telling those stories...wonderful. Today I am thankful for God's presence in my life. I feel it more than ever.

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Buzzard, what an amazing story!! I got chills at first reading it, then the tears welled up. God is SO GOOD! Thank you, thank you for sharing this. I'm going to print it out and save it to share with others.

God bless,

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Thanks so much for sharing this. We have no idea what God is up to but need to rest knowing that HE does and that's all that matters!

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I am not a Christian but I do believe in God! That was a beautiful and moving story. As I was growing up my mother always told me God works in mysterious ways,and as I got older and experienced life, I realized how true that is. When I got my diagnosis I never once said why me, why would God do this to me. I believe that things happen for a reason and we shouldn't question the why. I might never know the reason and I don't even try to figure out the reason because it is what it is and God is in control! Bless you all!

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Your post couldnt have come at a better time, its what I needed to read. Your right God is in control.

Thank you Buzzard

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Thank you for that beautiful story! It's amazing the way God works, isn't it?


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