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Location, location, location

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Wondering which parts of the country and world we are from.

I'm Diane from Villa Rica, Georgia. That's about 35 miles due west of Atlanta and 24 miles to the Alabama border. Villa Rica is a tiny town and site of the first real gold discovery in the U.S. We sit on one of the largest remaining veins of gold but because the vein is so scattered, it would cost more to mine than the gold is worth. You can pan for gold and find gold quite easily here. :o) Hence, Villa Rica.... City of Gold.

Share your region or actual city if you'd like. You could also just say midwest, etc. or 'mind your own business, you southern NUT!'

Have a GREAT day! Smile! It tricks your brain!


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I live in Sterling hghts Michigan and Charlotte North Coralina. It a long story.
But I get the best of both worlds.
Just Happy to be here!!

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We are in Bedford, TX, known for.... well probably nothing. We are a part of the midcities area between Dallas and Fort Worth. I'm not a "true" Texan, Colorado is where I am originally from. Whe have had opportunities to live in several places including California (Rancho Cucamonga-yes that is a real place) and Wichita Kansas.

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Great post. I live in a rural town in north eastern New Mexico about 40 miles from the Texas border on interstate 40. Tucumcari (named after an Indian chiefs daughter and her true love). We are about 4500 in population (so no Walmart). I was born in Texas and lived equally in Texas (Amarillo, Dallas, Houston), Oklahoma and New Mexico. Our climate here is the best. We have 1 grocery store with outdated foods most of the time, fresh anything is a joke. We have a Kmart and Alco along with the Dollar Stores. Our restaurants consist of 3 that are worth spending money at-so when I drive 85 miles for Chemo or 110 miles one direction and 175 miles the other direction to shop-we really make a day of it. It really makes you appreciate the little things. My husband was born and raised in Houston area and we still have family in Pasadena, Friendswood, and League City. Thanks for the post, it is really neat to see where everyone is from.

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Athens, Ga 20 plus years;\

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I'm from Melbourne, in the state of Victoria, Australia.


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My husband was born in Brownwood Texas and I was born in Florence Alabama. We both grew up and lived 30 plus years in WASKOM TEXAS which is 15 miles from Shreveport Louisana off Interstate 20. Very very small town was once known for having the most Service Stations. We have moved around with my husbands job. Lived on the coast of Texas in a small town called Point Comfort Texas and Port Lavaca Texas. It was 125 miles to Houston. We now live in Maryville Tennessee which is about 15 miles from Knoxville. We are not far from the Smokey Mountain National Park. I have an older sister in Atlanta, GA, a brother in Topeka, KS and a younger sister still in our home town Waskom, TX. Frank has one brother in Virginia and another in North Carolina. Thanks for the thread ...it's great to know where everyone lives.
Praying for everyone,

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I live in a town in NW Connecticut very near the Massachusetts border.

My town was founded in 1786. Lots of interesting history around these parts.


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Hi All,
I live in Helena, Montana. Helena is the State Capital...and well...Gary Cooper was born here. Actually Helena is a very Historic town and was founded during the Gold Rush days and was home to many of the Copper Kings and has numerous Historic Homes built by European Craftsman brought over from the various Countries the Ultra Rich Kings just to build their homes. I guess they didn't appreciate the TeePees, Tents & Tar paper shacks the locals seemed to prefer. I was born in Hibbing,Minnesota and still own a rustic cabin there on a small privately owned lake near Big Fork. (And did I mention Gary Cooper was born in Helena, Montana? :) I also lived in Lincoln. Nebraska, so I'm a Husker Fan, and also lived in Reseda, California, Gunnison, Colorado, Ogden, Utah, and Las Vegas, Nevada. My wife of 44 years, Gerry, was born in London, England and has sisters in London and Venice, Italy.

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Beautiful town with a bad rep! Only city I can think of with a mayor who is facing federal charges. Hey, we got the Faulkner/Snopes thing down pat... Anyone interested in leprechauns check out the you tube Alabama town that has spotted one! Lolaughter!

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Small, beautiful, friendly town about 27 miles north of Atlanta. My brother calls it "Bugville".We've lived in this area for 21 years. Originally from Greensboro, NC.

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i live in northfield newhampshire very small town it has lots of lakes all around and tons of snow in the winter would'nt want to be anywhere but here i love it(its so small i get to go to the store in my pjs and im not the only one there dressed like that)tammy

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I grew up in Boston, MA but have called Lander, WY home since 1974. I've also lived and worked in Kenya, East Africa, and Baja California Sur, México. Traveled and climbed in PNW, SW, Alaska, Bolivia/Peru and India/Nepal.


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Northern Tip of West Virginia - 18 miles due west of Pittsburgh airport - 5 miles from East Liverpool, Ohio...
(grew up at Deep Creek Lake, Maryland - 45 minutes south of Morgantown, WV)

Couch burning WVU fan too!

Steeler fan ALL the way!

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I live in upstate N.Y. A town called Bainbridge . They hold the the general clinton canoe reggatta. It starts in cooperstown and ends in bainbridge. It's a 70 mile flat river race. People come from all over to race.

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Should be obvious from my user name. But I grew up in Northern New Jersey (Morris County, like mom_2_3). I've been here in SF since 1985 but still go back to NJ at least once a year. Big tight family, and since Dec '07 I have a new little niece who is amazing and fun to be with.

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No jokes about California please :)

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I must have missed this on the first pass.

Born in Fayetteville, Arkansas... childhood in Houghton, Michigan (home of the MTU Huskies!) Highschool in Calgary, Alberta and mostly rural northwestern British Columbia since then... "urban rush" now in Downtown Vancouver, BC.

What a lot of beautiful people... What a lot of beautiful places...
I am getting a wicked case of wanderlust!! I just want to HIT THE ROAD!!

Thanks for bumping this Dianne...

Rob; in Vancouver

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are my neighbors up here in da nort woods ya der hey! My little piece of heaven on earth is near Duluth, Minnesota on the north shore of Lake Superior (not literally--up the road a bit) on 40 acres of wilderness. We have a little creek running through our land and enough natural xmas trees to last a life time. Originally from Racine, WI but have moved around a bit with some time spent in Garmisch, Germany (met hubby there, yeah baby!) then started wedded bliss in Bozeman, MT. Left my heart there big time in Big Sky country but happy to be here.

Diane, you're not a southern nut-you're a Georgia peach of course!

peace, emily

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Nana b
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out in the boonies...........west of Fresno, Ca. moved back home after 15 years in the Air Force IL, ND, TX and Germany), then lived 8 years in San Antonio, 15 years in Scottsdale, and now here.......very happy here surrounded by family and all the veggies, nuts and fruits you can eat. Oh, YEA, AND ALL THE WINE YOU CAN DRINK.

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These kinds of posts are always fun! Thanks for starting one, Diane!!

I was born and raised in San Diego! Currently living in La Mesa which is about ten miles east of downtown.


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Rancho Cucamonga here! Southern California, east of L.A.

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Kailua, Hawaii.....we love it!



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Born in Philadelphia stayed til I was about 7, moved to Bensalem PA and also split time in Willow Grove PA until I was about 19. Did a short stint in Reedy West Virginia (if you blink you would miss it) which is in the middle of Parkersburg and Charleston. I did some time in Denver, CO, and also New Baden, Ill, which is near East St. Louis. ok - so all of that was before I was 22!

Move to St. Petersburg Fla and stayed there for about 16 years before moving here...Woodbury Minnesota. Cold, cold Minnesota. Oh, the things we do for love....and if I let him have it his way, he will have me living in Minot, ND, where I can freeze forever!

I have only been back to PA about 3 times in the past 20 years, am going back next month for my 30th HS reunion and to spend Thanksgiving with my family, who I miss bunches (and I've got tickets to a Flyers game!)! Am going to have them gang up on Nick. well, I don't actually miss PA all that much, but I do miss them. And I have to admit, Minnesota is a gorgeous state - in the SUMMER! haha...

Am so jealous of you Kathleen in Hawaii, and Kathryn in MN with a spot in Mexico, and the rest of you who live in all those warm places! Not sure if I could handle the St. Pete summers anymore, but I really don't like 9 months of snow and cold! And I so miss the beach..

Hey Phil - I happen to still say "yous guys" at times!

Good idea Diane.

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We have a little town down the road here about 20 minutes away called Woodbury. Of course this is Tennessee and not Minnesota. My husband and I were both born and raised in Tennessee. After we married we moved out of Tennessee and lived in Findlay, OH for about 8 months and then we moved to Staunton, Virginia for about a year or so. We moved back to TN and his hometown in 2003. We now live in Rock Island, TN. There is a state park here but nothing else. However, we are only about 10 miles to the next town where there is shopping and stores. We are halfway in between Nashville and Chattanooga. We like it where we are located it is peaceful and quiet and during the warm summer evening we could even sit out in our swing and watch the deer grazing in the field across the road. My father lives in Cypress Springs, TX outside of Houston and my brother is in Tomball, TX also outside of Houston. I miss them.

Thanks for the posts and learning where everyone is at. Kinda wished there were some closer but maybe just not anyone sick in these parts or they just haven't found this board. I look forward to talking to you all and getting to know you better.


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My parents live in Hilo on Big Island, and we frequently travel to the islands. We have had a love affair with Hawaii since we honeymooned in Kauai 21 years ago. Our plan is to move there upon retirement! You are so lucky to live there now!


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Born and raised on the island.
Great post!

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Enjoy and join in!

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I live in Rochester, New York. A great place to raise a family. Also home to Kodak, Xerox, Bausch and Lomb and Wegmans.

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Hi idarochny,
My Dad's from Rochester. He still goes back to his High School reunions there.. I think his last one was 55 years.

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What high school did your dad go to? My mom went to Monroe.

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Thanks Diane for continuing to involve the newbys. It is good to have all this info in one thread.
I am from Cumberland Gap, TN. where Daniel Boone forged his way West through the Cumberland Mtns. Also where Confederate and Union soldiers met. There is a reinactment each summer. I am only minutes away from where corners of TN, KY, and VA all meet. So you can stand in all 3 states at once. We live in a beautiful area of the country with mountains all around and this morning have 1-2 inches of snow on the ground and a warm fire in the stove. It is our first snow of the year.

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Columbus, OH to Charlotte, NC to current location of Baltimore, MD.

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We are in Livonia, Michigan, about 45 minutes out of the City of Detroit (no jokes please). Got nothing on history.

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Born in Philly,
raised in Levittown (GO PENNSBURY FALCONS !)
lived on Long Island,
lived in New Jersey,
lived in Boulder Colorado,
back in PA ,near Lancaster.
(I miss Boulder Co, the most.)

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I'm from Chico, Ca- we are in N. Calif- about 8o miles north of Sacramento! We are a small town with a state university, so we get to enjoy lots of different cultures!

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Thanks for asking Diane. I am a Florida native. Born in West Palm Beach, raised in Tampa. My son is a 5th generation Floridian. Home to Busch Gardens, Ybor City, Gasparilla Invasion and the BEST cuban sandwiches. Gulf of Mexico and west coast beaches 45 minutes away. Loved reading about everyone else. Thanks for asking the ??


Thoughts become things - Choose the good ones!!!

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I've been raised in WI since 3 years old, and glad to see so many different people involved with this network. Although, I envy those in a warmer climate as it's 19 degrees here right now, and I have my fireplace burning.

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I spent 6 weeks in Iola, WI a few years ago and almost bought a house to move there. My DH's job asked him to stay in CO, so I came back.

And it's been below zero the past couple of mornings here in CO. Today it's 17, so I feel like we are in a heat wave! But tonight it's supposed to drop again for the next seven days, high's of about 20 during the heat of the day! Did I mention that I hate winter?


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I am in a small community in Western Washington. We are 40 miles due West of Olympia, the capitol of Washington, and 40 Miles due East of the Pacific Ocean. Our area is at the base of a Rain Forest, but we actually get more rain then the Rain Forest does. We have beautiful green trees and grasses all year around since the temperatures are usually mild. The history of our town and the surrounding towns in Grays Harbor was based on logging and fishing, which has died out.

I live in Montesano, WA

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Paula G.
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I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah Lived in Anaheim CA for about a year. I am now in West Jordan Utah with my husband JR. It is interesting to me how this has brought us all together. You have helped me so much with all my questions. I have needed your support. So thanks to all of you or as some of you would say thanks to ya all....Paula

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I am from a tiny town just north of Portland, Maine - and it is snowing hard here tonight!


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