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UI would like to know if any one was 100% cured after treatments?

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Pd 416,

After I had my thyroid removed and had one round of RAI I was cancer free. But what you also need to know is that mine was caught early, it was contained in my right lobe alone, it had not metastasized anywhere.


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Had TT march 9 and went back to work yesterday!

Tumor was 8mm and I did not need RAI or body scan!

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It is my understanding that you need to have continuious check ups for the next five years. If nothing shows up during that time, you are considered in remission. You still need to have your check-ups. At the current time I am 2 years free of the big bad "C", but keep very optimistic that I will stay that way. I always tell my ent that she and I are in it for the long haul.

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I had my thyroid removed on 2005, did the treatments and what not.. and it came back, had surgery again on March the 10th 2009 and getting 200 RAI on April the 16th.. i'm kind of nervous, it seems like a super high dose.. I've been reading here and the maximum I've found is people telling they got 153...

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200 does sound like a large dose, but if you are comfortable with your Endo, then you need to trust what they are doing. I had 151 and it was rough for me. I probably would be very upset if they told me 200, but I love my doctor and even though I got sick the last time, I would go for it because I trust her to the fullest. You still have time to get a second opinion if you are unsure.

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