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Hi,I,am the wife of a older man who has had cancer,first started 27 years ago,Bladder cancer,he had laser surgery,it was gone for over 27 years,it came back 3 years ago,again he had laser surgery,it was gone again for the next 3 years,He went in for a cat scan kidney cancer showed up,we went to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester,MN,the kidney was removed and was cleaned up all the cancer the Doctor could see at that time,He went in for a Cat Scan again and cancer was found on the remaining two Lymph nodes remaining,so his Doctor wants him to start on Sutent,I have read some of the stories on this web page,How long do you have to take thie medicine?I want you to know also he is a Veteran of World WAr Two,he was in Japan right after the war ended,so He has a case going with the VA,since his cancer could have started long ago by being in Japan,I would be happy to E-Mail back to anyone who can help us learn more about this medicine and how it efects you and if you don,t mind the ages of people who get this type of cancer,my husband is 78,he joined the service when was 15,also was a paratrooper at 16,5 years in the service,42 years working out in CA,moved here in SD,11 years ago,small town,low taxes and car tags,Thank you,Dorice Pringle,The medicine Sutent is very expensive!