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sleeping problems

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Hi everyone, happy spring to us all. I don't know if this has been discussed but I need to ask anyway. Is anyone else having problems with sleeping unless they take a sleeping aide?
I go to bed but I just lay there, I don't drink caffeine before going so that's not it. I don't nap during the day either. It's just a hour here and there and it's so frustrating. I hope you all have some way of getting me to sleep.

Living with hope,

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I have the same trouble even when taking Ambien. A part of mine is from the night sweats and I generally wake about every hour or so. I have always been that way to an extent. I have tried the lavender spray on the pillows, warm baths, no caffeine, no naps... you name it, I have pretty much tried it. Sorry I am no help, just wanted you to know I can sympathize with you. Have you discussed it with your doctor? Mine always seems to want to know as it can be such a vital part of your recovery.
Good luck. Hugs and prayer,

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I have never slept well. My mom always said if someone would drop a needle on carpet it would wake me!! One thing that I have noticed and had confirmed by the Dr... eating fruit or orange juice (maybe fruit juice too?) in the evening has about the same effect as caffein (spelling?) I notice it the most with orange juice. If I drink any orange juice toward evening I am tossing ALL night. I have read that an apple will do this too. I can sure relate to the hot flashes Deanna. I did not have them until my radiation. I call them power surges... nasty. It is not fun trying to sleep when the hours go by one by one. My mind seems to go faster and faster the more I try to sleep. My husband is the same way. When we travel with friends we make them crazy with our hours of non-sleep. Our average sleep at night is 4 hours. I know I have gotten worse since my treatments. I do not take and sleep aids, but it seems to help if I make my mind stay blank, when my minds starts to wander I make it go blank again. Sometimes it works.... Celebrate, remember, fight back!!

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I amaze myself at my capacity to sleep since I have been in treatment. I sleep 11 or 12 hours every night. The only time I can't sleep is if I make the mistake of drinking any caffeinated after noon. I never slept like this is the past. I think it's the low red counts making me so exhausted.

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I'm not the best sleeper - probably because I have bad sleeping habits (falling asleep in front of TV instead of going to bed at decent hour, etc.). I caution about the sleep aides - they are supposed to be very temporary - just for a few weeks - so be careful about these. We don't need any more problems than we already have!!

I suggest non-medication strategies - these can be looked up online. Meditation and visualization works well. There are tapes that you can get. These are helping me.

Mary Ann (aka Daisy)

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I have been a person who never needed a lot of sleep, so I can get by with 4 - 5 hours of sleep. I do take benadryl or melatonin 3mg almost every night. The pharmacist said it was better not to take tyelonal PM as tyelonal can effect the liver. I try to skip a night and then I don't sleep, so I end up taking something the next night. It usually takes me 45 minutes to an hour to go to sleep every night. If I don't go to sleep in an hour, I get up and read until I get tired. I do not nap in the daytime, and I try to get up at the same time every morning. My husband falls asleep so quickly. He does snore, so I do wear ear plugs to bed. I too am a light sleeper I would hear my girls put their key in the front door when they came home late. I have some relaxing music that helps also sometimes. But many times I hear the CD player turn off.

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