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It's my birthday

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Today is my 58th birthday, and I just want to say it's a great day, the weather is good, and I feel good. I'll Start my 3rd treatment of Folfox on Monday, Life is good, and the reason is God is good. He blessed me to wake up another day, and I am so thankful. I have a great family and they are supporting me thru this. Also some really good friends, and the people on this board, who are always available to listen, and answer questions, when I have them. So I am going out and enjoy this day, my hubby is taking me out to eat, and then we are stopping by the jewelry store. (I love that man.) I am gonna live this day to the fullest, and I'll think about cancer and chemo next week.
God Bless Us All,

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♫ ♫ ♫ Happy Birthday Dear Carletta, Happy Birthday to YOU! ♫ ♫ ♫

I'm also 58. :o)


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Happy happy birthday Carletta:

what a wonderful joyous inspiring post.

Best Birthday Hugs


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to you and glad your having a good day.i am too, feel better today as i go for #2 next tuesday.i am going to make the best of it today.its a beautiful day here too,going to clean up the yard and go to the local dump(oh joy).dont care where i go as long as i feel good.have a great b-day and enjoy.Godbless.....johnnybegood

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Sounds like you are already having a wonderful day! hope all your days are like this!

Have a wonderful birthday, and hope you have a nice dinner, and maybe a nice stroll in the park, I think that myself, I'm always blessed that I am up another day, and still glad to be here!


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Happy birthday Carletta!
You've got a great attitude- the attitude's that's needed to deal with this lousy beast called cancer. Live life to its fullest- God has made us such a beautiful world- it's great to look around and appreciate it! Happy birthday! (and let us know what came of the visit to the jewelry store! :)


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Enjoy the day and don't get TOO wild! ;) Of course, the definition of TOO wild is up for discussion!

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Happy Birthday and sounds like you are having a great day.
Spring has sprung here to; daffodils are blooming, birds
are singing and building nests and I am cleaning my garden
as well....it feels so good to be out in the warm sunshine.
Would join my dog who loves to rollllll in the green grass
except I would have to wash out the green stains!


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Have a great, wonderful, joyous day! Happy, Happy Birtthday! You have obviously embraced all your blessings.

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Happy Birthday Carletta! And here's to many more!


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Carletta a very happy birthday to you. Hey do you have room for another person at dinner - I'm hungry LOL. You are right, it is a Blessed day when we can awake and thank the Lord for another day to be able to serve Him and others. I feel very blessed too. Hope you have a wonderful birthday dinner and let us know what surprises the jewelry store brings :) Kim

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Happy Birthday, Carletta! Sounds like your hubby is spoiling you. Good man!


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Happy Birthday and many, many more

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Have a great day....and let us know what the new item from the jewerly store is.

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Today is gonna be another good day, I always said,"If you open your eyes and you're not looking at a satin casket liner, then it's a good day" It is the day after my birthday and I'm still celebrating. One of my daughter-in-laws is having a birthday tomorrow, so the family is going out to dinner tonight, for the family celebration of our birthdays. Good, another night I don't have to cook. I want to thank all of you for the birthday wishes, I really appreciate them. As for the trip to the jewelry store, I got a new ring. It is an aquamarine(birthstone) surrounded by diamonds, and then the regular diamonds are surrounded by black diamonds. I really like it. Yes my hubby spoils me. I thank God for him, I know just how blessed I am. Monday the 16th was our anniversary. 41 years.
Again let me thank you all for being my online support system, people who know and understand all that we are going thru. We will make it.
God Bless,

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Congrats!take a mental break...everyone deserves it!

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