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Starting the low iodine diet today...

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I just realized I am so unprepared. I can't mustard with no salt, or honey mustard with no salt, I feel like I am crawling out of my skin trying to figure out what I can and can eat, constantly looking at the cook book.

I am definitely scared for the RAI treatment in 2 weeks...but unlike a majority of everyone else, I am still on synthroid -- I chose to not go completely hypo and useless and I am getting injections the 2 days prior to the RAI.

Does anyone know where to find salt free mustard? What advice do you have for me? What candy can I eat (gummy bears?!) when I am radio active? What should I expect...

I really, really, appreciate your help.

Anyone out there in the Cleveland area..I am planning on re-starting the THYCA Cleveland chapter once all of this is finished...


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Hi, have you checked out the LID cookbook on thyca.org? I know there are a couple recipes for salt free ketchup. Maybe with some powdered mustard/mustard powder you could make your own? I've been on LID twice and got rather creative mixing some basic spices together for my own iodine free garlic powder or seasoned salt.
As for candy, I would just check the packaging for sodium content. I know, it's not a no sodium diet but the easiest way to make sure there was no iodized salt in stuff for me was to just make sure it was 0% sodium. I think I ate gummy candy. After RAI you should probably have some sour candy, most dr's seem to reccomend lemon drops from what I've heard and read (and been told by my own). They can help with saliva production and reduce pain and swelling in your salivary glands. I've also heard warm compresses or a hot shower can help if you experience pain in your salivary glands.
Thyca.org also has a great description of what to expect. Which will vary according to how big of a dose you get and what state you live in. Some states require you to be quarrentined in a hospital for several days. I know from experience that Oregon and Washington do not. Since I live alone, my dr released me immediately and I stayed in isolation at home for a week. Also, be prepared to stay on the LID after your RAI dose until your scan! I was only prepared for the first 2 weeks and wasn't stocked up for that 3rd week. Lucky I didn't feel like eating much.
It could take about a week for the radiation to clear your system enough to be around other people. You will recieve a list of guidelines when you have your RAI dose, Oh yeah. Ladies, you have to have a pregnancy test before you get RAI. Anyway, things like, flush the toilet twice, hold your laundry seperate and wash well after isolation, especially avoid contact with children or pregnant women, etc. My dr reccomended I wrap essential items I touch a lot like my cell phone, lap top and tv remote in saran wrap so they would not be contaminated by my sweat.
There's a lot more but those are some of the highlights. Good luck and I hope this was helpful to you!

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I started today.. I did the RAI 3 years ago so this is my second time around. It has not been that bad today... I know I have 3 more weeks to go but at least I am positive. Today though I've been feeling not too energized, I think the fact that I am not taking any meds it's kicking in.. I stopped March the 31st..

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I've had the RAI last April.... the diet is the hardest thing. I would cooked fresh chicken w/little olive oil and added green peppers and onions on top stove. you can eat oatmeal, fruit and raw veggies.As far as candy, you need to watch the die they use, don't eat anything with red die in it. hang in there

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