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I just felt I needed to express my feelings on this word. I don't like it! To me it says that they believe the cancer will come back for sure, it's just taking a break for now. I would rather the doctors tell me I'm "Cancer Free". Sounds much more positive, it allows you not to worry as much. So let's refer to ourselves as "CANCER FREE". Free is such a wonderful word, I love being free!




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    You have hit on the best idea ever! Let's lobby. We ARE cancer free. CRFB!!
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    I agree. I dislike the word remission, too. I love it when my doctor refers to me as 'already in remission', but it would truly be thrilling if he told me I was already CURED or even already 'cancer free'. Obviously he doesn't feel I qualify as 'cancer free' or 'cured' (or how could he keep pumping the chemo into me?), so there is definitely a subtle difference in the meanings. Even 'No Evidence of Disease' seems to hint that it is temporary, or they would use the term 'free of cancer' for CT results. For now, I will rejoice at 'NED' and 'remission', but I couldn't agree with you more that they always seem to be hanging back a little from what you REALLY want to hear!