Congratulations John--exc results--btw, 30 free supply of cialis available on the web

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if you go to the cialis web site--you can get a free 30 day supply of cialis, providing you have a prescription. i am amazed at your excellent results with incontinence---congratulations.


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    Congratulations John.
    My Da Vinci radical prostatectomy occurred on 31Dec08. Some bladder involvement warranted a Foley for five weeks (!). Long term Foley catheter can be mentally and physically more than merely troublesome; however, I managed with a few medical, physical and mental tools. Incontinence ceased to be a problem after Foley removal in about week, though pain was big deal for a couple of days until I asked my Doc if the pain was to expected. He answered that the pain the pain was to be expected, but that I shouldn't have to endure it: never stop asking questions. Congratulations on your retirement. Emerson1