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Ovarian cancer after breast cancer

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Have any of you developed ovarian cancer after you already had breast cancer. And if so did it happen during chemo, after, long after?

Thank u and God bless

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Hi Nicole,

It's not that I haven't heard of it happening, but I don't know anyone that its happened to. This is one of MY own personal concerns, becuase I have had Ovarian cancer, will I now get breast cancer???? I think the potential is there for any one of us to have a cancer somewhere else. Some people have different scares with different types of cancers.

What I would like to see, is more education, more discussion, about breast/ovarian cancers. My understanding is that they are linked, i.e. same hormones, etc. Along with the fact that they will often do the BRACA testing if you have ovarian cancer, to see if you are at risk for breast cancer.

So, here's my thought, teach women the signs and symptoms for both types (lets not forget uterine cancer). We are all fairly well informed on breast health, but not too many folks are as informed on our OVARY health or other gynecological cancers.

Thankyou for asking this question, maybe you will be able to teach me something, so I know what to be aware of.

Always, Jules xoxooxox (TEAL hugs!!!)

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I have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer after being diagnosed with breast cancer. I was diagnosed with IIIa breast cancer in 2001. Diagnosed with ovarian cancer (IIIc) in May of 2008. In remission right now and trying to enjoy every second of it. I am BRCA -1 and -2 negative. There is, however, a family history of premenopausal breast cancer.

I went to an ovarian cancer educational session last week and the gyn/onc said that the first 4 years after the diagnosis of breast cancer is when you are at highest risk of developing ovarian cancer. If you have any other questions, let me know!


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I'm glad you posted this. I have two friends who developed ovarian cancer within a year or two of being diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a needle biopsy just about 1 1/2 years after my chemo treatments ended (it was negative), and my family has a history of breast cancer, also.

I wonder how it goes the other way? Breast cancer after ovarian cancer?


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I was wondering what symptoms you had with your ovarian cancer?

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So glad someone brought this up! In October of 2007 had a mammogram that found breast cancer...ductal and lobular. Had the lumpectomy In January of 2008, followed by 7 weeks of radiation. In June of 2008 had an internal that showed a cyst on left ovary. In October of 2008 had a hysterectomy. In December of 2008 had staging surgery for ovarian. Stage 1, contained within ovary, endometrial, no spread. WOW!!! I have had a history of aunts with breast cancer, and my Mom had ovarian. I discovered this site while I was taking care of her in 2005-2006. She had stage 4 and lived 18 months after major debulking surgery. I know my posts about her are still on here somewhere. I also had a spinal cord tumor in 2005, that was removed and benign. But I had to re-learn to walk. So, I feel very blessed to still be here. That's my story in a nutshell....Cindy

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I know women that have gotten breast cancer after ovarian, they were caught early though as the Drs tend to watch for this as the two are linked. We also need to be deligent in self breast exams. Thanks for the question. Hugs Bonnie

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Great question. I've also been wondering that. I'm going in for a CT scan tomorrow to check for Ovarian cancer. I had a bilateral mastectomy April 17, 2008 and finished all radiation treatments in August. Had a hysterectomy the year before I found out I had breast cancer, but chose to leave ovaries. I'll let you know!

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cancer survivor x 4
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Yes, Yes,Yes,
I had breast cancer in 1991,2007,2008, and ovarian cancer in 2009. All of my breast cancer's were a stage I, non-invasive. My ovarian cancer was a stage 2B. I am waiting for my genetic testing to come back. I am currently taking treatment for my ovarian cancer. Thank-You

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they want me to have preventive breast surgery . I carry brca 1 gene and had stage 2 b ovarian 2/2008 strong family history of both

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Hi Nicole,
Well I had breast cancer in 2001, and 7 years later got diagnosed with Stage IV Peritoneal Carcinomatosis (treated like ovarian cancer). They traced it to breast cancer cells from the 2001 diagnosis. The symptoms are ascites (fluid) and cancerous caking and implants in the abdominal cavity which crowd the organs, etc. It was crowding and blocking my ureters, so I have had to have stents put in both kidneys. They have to be changed every 4 or 5 months, because they get clogged. I have been told that they are permanent, because they cause scarring of the ureters which would cause them to thicken and stick together if the stents were removed permanently. I just had to have some of the fluid removed from my abdomen, because I get so bloated, I feel as if I am pregnant (no such luck!). Do you have a similar problem? I hope not. Anyway, I wish you the very best in whatever phase or stage of treatment you may be in and hope 2010 will be a year of miracles for you.


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There have been a bunch of posts on both the Uterine Cancer and Breast Cancer Boards about this connection. Although UPSC (a Grade 3 recurrent form of uterine cancer) is very rare, of the 15 or so women who post on the Uterine Cancer Board who have UPSC, 3 have had breast cancer prior to their UPSC diagnosis. All 3 took tamoxifan to keep their breast cancer from recurring. I think if I had breast cancer and was genetically shown to be likely to recur, I would get a preemptive hysterectomy and take the tamoxifan. What a blow to survive breast cancer and then get a NEW cancer even more deadly!

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