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would anyone know if there is a place

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would anybody know if there is a mailing group for people to help other people who has been there where that person is going through

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This is such a place.

Here are your options:

1. You can enter queries and your own advice right here in the discussion boards. You can enter stuff in other boards if you are so inclined, including Caregivers and Emotional Support.

2. You can send emails to others in here via the email link. By reading some of the head/neck board posts, you can figure out who you are comfortable with, or who has a similar type of situation, and write to them directly via the CSN email. Be sure to type their names exactly as you see them. (Not their real names, but their online names.)

3. You can skip that and simply go to the chat room, introduce yourself, and talk to others about your issues.

I hope that one or more of these is helpful to you.

Best wishes to you and yours.

Take care,


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Another place you might want to contact is http://www.spohnc.org. This is the Support for People with Head and Neck Cancer. They put out a newsletter, have mentors, and can offer other advice.

But I do agree with Soccerfreaks that this is a great place and the chat room has lots of people that can help with your issues. If there isn't a head and necker in there when you go in, others do know some of the general issues and I go into the room often and am a wealth of knowledge from first hand experience.

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ladybugstogo@yahoo.com.......my hub has squamous cell carcinoma , been thru hell and high water ..he is still here and doing good , got the trach out , feeds himself thru peg , and DOES not want anymore surgery ..refuses , so IT IS WHAT IT IS ...we take it and go with it..Jo

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