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Scan time again!

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Just a note to ask for prayers. I have my next PET scan on Wednesday morning and I'm very anxious as usual. I've been blessed to have been NED for awhile and I'm hoping for more NED time after this scan. Oh, by the way, I've forgotten who posted about Wii for exercise, but I wanted to add that I played Wii Mario Kart this weekend and it was so much fun! Not a lot of exercise, other than a sore forearm from my steering, but lots of laughs! I also walked about 2 1/2 miles Sunday and felt great. I won't get my scan results until I see my oncologist on April 1, but I'll let you know my results. Thanks for the prayers!


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I'll put in a good word with my Boss tonight and every other night that everything comes out great......God Bless ya.....

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Thanks so much for the prayers. I truly believe they're a large part of why I'm still going strong. I sometimes have to remind myself that God's in the driver's seat and quit trying to control everything. This week is turning into a major stress week. My son and his friends (including his girlfriend) went on a spring break trip south of the border, so I've been major worried after the travel advisory. Then after the first night, he and his girlfriend broke up and they're both devastated. I've talked to both of them lots today and shed lots of tears and said lots of prayers that they can work things out. I'm also working on a project that's overdue, I have a major case that I have to have prepared by Monday, my PET scan on Wednesday, and I start my new job on Friday. It's amazing how some weeks seem to be a marathon to see if we can just get through without a major breakdown!

All whining aside, I still feel so blessed--I'm still here so I can help my son when things get rough, I'm almost done with my last semester of school, I have insurance to help cover the cost of my PET scan, and I have a new job! Even when life seems to have lots of bumps in the road, I'm so glad I'm here to ride it out. Life is good--thanks again, God!


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Sending loving prayers your way. The time leading up to the scan is tough, the scan itself is tough, and waiting for the results is tough. (I remember one time lying in the scan, wimpering/crying a little, and hearing a voice coming thro the mic commanding me to stay still!). I will be thinking of you throughout and sending prayers and best wishes your way. Please do let us know the results as soon as you are able to.

I have two teenagers (one travelling, the other dating) so I could relate to what you were saying! Like you, I feel so blessed that I am AROUND for the teenage dramas. Mine were 10 and 12 when I was diagnosed, and they are now 16 and 18. Nothing much else matters....

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Thanks for the words of support and the prayers. When I was diagnosed, my sons were 16 and 19. I was so scared that I wouldn't live to see my younger son graduate. Well, in 2 more months, he will and I'm here to celebrate! I had a hard time sleeping last night because my heart was hurting so much for my older son, but I am so glad I'm here to let him know how much I love him. I get my scan results on April 1st, so I'll be sure and post. Thanks again for the prayers and support!


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Sending prayers your way Rebeca!!

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Hang in there. I know what you are going through as I have a scan this Thursday. I try to take each day as it comes. The waiting is sometimes difficult. I am sending positive vibes out to you.

Cheers, Lance

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..in my prayers as well! good luck with the scan! I haven't even had one yet to even know if the chemo is working, I hope to soon though! I'm sorry for your boy, but I bet they will get through this, and glad you're here for him as well, I hope all is alittle better with them..but will be praying for you, as I pray for this whole board and everyone who is going through any kind of horrible disease.

Hugss to you!

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You are in my thoughts and prayers. Good luck tomorrow. I know I just had a mammogram today and I was scared big time. Any test I take now makes me nervous. I always wished I could be one of those people that slept on an airplane - but I'm not. Kim

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Bettina, Lance, Donna, and Kim,

Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts. Kim, I hope your mammogram went okay. Any time we've had to fight this battle, I think we develop a fear of the unknown, the fear that another awful surprise is behind every test. My neighbor is an 18-year breast cancer survivor and a nurse, and she told me that even now when she gets a headache her first thought is that it could be a brain tumor. I guess these fears are a side effect, too. When I was at the chemo clinic last week (volunteering, not for treatment), I was thinking how blessed I am. I always find strong connections there that make me so happy I'm able to help, but at the same time, my heart breaks that so many people have to deal with this awful disease. I keep hoping and praying for some way to beat this. So thanks for all the prayers and you are all in my prayers, too.


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Waiting can be too stressful sometimes, I had my scan done last week dont see my dr til thurs, but I asked the nurse and she got me some answers today, most important one for me its shrinking. Anyways the point I am trying to make if the people in drs office are understanding you can get your answer sooner its worth a try it worked for me, now I can sleep better knowing it isnt growing God bless and good luck


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Thanks, I know what you mean about not sleeping until you know the results. Congratulations on the shrinking! It is great to know that your treatment is working--keep on fighting. I usually call my doctor's office a couple of days after my scans and leave a message asking them to call me with results. That has worked in the past, but their voice mail specifically says that test and lab results will not be given out until your next doctor's appointment. So, I think I've been lucky to get my results before my appointment in the past. I'm also always a little afraid--what if they call me and the news is not good? Would that be worse than hearing it from my doctor in person? Can you tell that the scan paranoia is starting? Anyway, congratulations on your good news and thanks for the input!


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Hi Rebecca,
I think I already mentioned in another thread to you that I am also due for a scan soon (it's now been moved up from the 31st to this coming Tuesday the 24th), so I know what you're feeling- I'm starting to feel anxious about mine too. I'm just getting a CT, not a PET, since we're monitoring size of what was in my lungs and one small thing in my liver. I suppose if it does show up still, then I'll probably also get a PET. The CT portion of the PET isn't as strong as the regular CT in showing size, so that's why we're doing the
CT. A PET makes sense for you, since you've been NED- it would show up any new activity or not. I will be praying for you- every time I get anxious and pray for myself, I'll think of you too, since you're getting yours the day after me.

I keep giving it up to the Lord, telling him "Lord, as much as I want this scan to show that everything's gone now, I know and believe You're in control and have a plan for my life". That's definitely hard to say and really believe at times, but that's how I'm getting through it- because I do believe He has a plan for my life. At times it's very hard to understand that His plan for my life could ever be to die when I'm fairly young and still have young kids, but I do know that Christians who have been prayed for have still died, just as some have been healed and that also some non Christians have become cancer free. God never promised us that we'd understand his plan, just that we trust in Him, and so I do.
Through this all, I know it's the truth that I have been able to impact a lot of people for Christ by getting to know a whole lot more people who have been willing to listen to and see God in my life because of their interest in me and caring about me with getting cancer, which I wouldn't have had opportunity to share with otherwise, because some of these people are people I just didn't know as well before, or people I worked with, but we never got down to talking about faith and God before I got sick and gave glory to God for keeping me strong through it all.

Well, as I said, I'll be thinking of and praying for you. You wrote that you'll get your scan results on April 1st. I'm due to go to the Dr. to discuss my results on Friday March 27, but I'm still planning on going by the office and picking up a copy of the radiologist's report of my scan at least the day before then. My office has been pretty accomodating about it. Any chance that you could find out your results before April 1st? I don't know why they wouldn't give them to you- they may prefer not to, but it's actually your right to ask for the report even before the appt., if you want to. I'm just too impatient to wait! Everyone's different on that, though.

Take care,

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Thanks again for caring. In the past, my oncologist's nurse has called me with results if I ask. My big fear is asking and then getting a phone call with news of a recurrance. Their policy is not to give results out until the doctor's appointment, but I have a great relationship with my oncologist and his nurse. One time before I did not ask for results early and really started to panic by my appointment. The first thing my oncologist said was that my results were NED and that he thought about calling me with results, but was afraid I would not keep my appointment if he did. Which doesn't really make sense, because I've never missed an appointment yet.

I find myself trying to read the technician's expressions to see if I can tell if my results look good or bad. So far, I've never been able to tell anything, but it's just another example of scan paranoia. I'm praying for you, too, and hope that you have great results this time. I'll let you know the results as soon as I get news. Please let me know how you're doing. I'll keep you in my prayers.


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