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Continual leaking of fluid from butt

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My husband had stage 3 rectal cancer that metastasized to his
liver. He had rectum removed, liver resection, chemo and radiation.
After his last bout of problems, he lost a lot of weight and now
is unable to gain even a pound even though he eats constantly!
He is also leaking fluid from his butt almost continuously.
This alternates with diarrhea, which he semms to be able to control
fairly well with lomotil and opium. However that does nothing for
the fluid problem.
He's got a lot of butt pain when passing anything and also hasreally raw butt now.
His concologist and radiologist have no idea what's going on.
Can someone recommend a good GI person? We live in Vermont but would be willing
to travel anywhere on the east coast.
Thanks so much.

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I would try to go the closest major teaching hospital.


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you said he has had his rectum removed....does he not have an ostomy or they resected to his anus from his sigmoid...Is the fluid a pale orange color ? also how long ago was the surgery ? A lot of things will rely on how long ago his surgery was.....

If the surgery was not long ago then if he has no fever then there is probably no infection, although don't discount it.
If the above things I mentioned are all right then he probably has post surgical bodily fluid buildup which will either drain for a while or stop draining and cause swelling pain then all at once drain feeling like you have peed your pants. The body will after a little while start to re absorb this and it will end about 3-4 weeks after surgery. If it has been longer than that by all means he needs to find another source of knowledge. The diarrhea would lead me to think that's why there is no weight gain and also the fluid loss would aid in that also. If it is clear or a orange or slightly red fluid my guess is that there is a place that has not completely healed and is still building up fluid around or you have the beginning of an infection...either one can cause the pain.....if radiation was done within the last 2-4 weeks and he has eaten any kind of nuts at all (peanuts,cashews,almonds,etc) that will cut his anus like shards of glass (been there done that, not funny or fun at all,1 week of steroid suppositories and a lot of hollering at pot time)...don't know that I wouldn't start calling for them to give you a referral or something. Does your surgeon not enter somewhere in here at any point. Do they not talk with him or maybe ya'll should......Good Luck and God Bless

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I have two uncles and a friend from church who had radiation for prostate cancer. They were all warned they might have drainage from the rectum as a permanent side effect from the radiation. You might search the prostate cancer section to see if there's any help there. Same area of the body....

God Bless you this wonderful day!


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