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Hello everyone, I am in Wyoming, I am writing about a friend that has Lung cancer and it has spread to her liver. She lives in Ohio, I am hoping to get her some help. She is struggling financially, she just started a new job and has to stop working to start chemotherapy again. I would appreciate any help either financially or emotionally for those living in Ohio.

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    One of the first stops your friend might make is to the office of the hospital social workers where she goes for treatment. They are familiar with the agencies in town and might be able to come with a good plan so that she can finish treatment in spite of financial concerns. Some of the organizations that they might know of may help with little things like transportation to treatments, perhaps a Meals on Wheels program to help with food, or another organization that helps with energy bills. But those little things add up. They can also tell her where to go to get regular help from social services. Our taxes pay for social services when we are working so that they can help out if we become disabled. Cancer can be considered a disability if it limits our ability to keep a job. That can be the case sometimes because of the schedule or side effects of chemotherapy. It takes a long time to apply for disability, so things like food stamps, reduced cost housing, and other programs usually run by social service agencies are needed right away. A stop by the local branch of the American Cancer Socety may help too. They may be able to provide both emotional support and tangible help like make-up and wigs, if needed, or other supportive assistance. It certainly is worth a few phone calls. A social worker in Maryland got me in touch with another agency called The Wellness Center that specializes in emotional support. All services there were free for survivors and their families. They are a national organization and have a website with support groups too. You can check the internet to see if there is a Wellness Community near your friend's home. I lived a hundred miles from the hospital where I went for treatment, but it turned out that there was a Wellness Community for me within 4 miles of my house! Maybe your friend will be so lucky too. Local churches and groups specializing in certain kinds of cancer (like the American Lung Cancer Association) may provide support too. Good luck!

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    Help with the cost of cancer treatment

    Several of the large drug manufacturers offer free chemo drugs to those patients who cannot afford the treatment. Tell your friend to check with her oncologist's office or a social worker with the oncology practice or hospital for information on this program.

    Prayers for your friend.