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Hi Linda, Ro and all of you wonderful gals,
I was the one who wrote my 85 yr old mom was having a total hysterectomy for serous carcinoma uterine cancer., which was a shock really at her age., but as someone said cancer knows no age, young or old. Anyway, thanks for your ecouragement Linda and all of you, and my mom is doing great. She had her surgery march 12th and beginning last nite she was walking and today i walked with her a lot dragging her IV pole. I did not get a lot of information from surgeon on day of surgery. He is very nonchalant and sure of himself, i don't know what really, but he said all went fine and since her vital signs were good after being under anesthesia which we were concerned about he said he had time to test several lymph nodes but he didn't seem to think there was any spread, but who knows? She looks great and hardly has pain it's really unreal., Now i have to worry about her falling as she is trying to get up by herself when i'm not at the hospital. With older people that's what happens, the surgery went well but now i don't want her to fall. She's almost over confident, but i wanted to thank all of your for your support. I hope you all continue to do well and I want to continue to read your posts. You are all such good spirited and kind human beings.
Linda aka Cookie :)


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    Sounds like she is going great!
    I'm so glad that your mother is doing so well! I remember thinking, when I came home from my surgery "This is what hell must be like," and she seems to be doing a lot better than THAT! I was too sore to sleep, had projectile vomiting from the anethesia (I have drug allergies) and couldn't eat, and had no bowel function at all which is just plain miserable. But fairly quickly all that agony got better and I was fine. I hope it continues to be an easy recovery for her; that's so wonderful. The longer she stays on the pain-killers, the slower it will be until she regains bowel function, so if she is not in much pain, you want to get her off the morphine drip and Percosets as quickly as you can. The walking is important right after surgery so please keep that up with her, and she may need those pain-killer meds to be mobile. But bowel function is her big goal right now, least it was the center of MY efforts right after my surgery. Stay in touch and let us know how she's doing. ((((Linda)))))
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    my mom
    Hi Linda,
    Thanks for the reply. Mom is doing GREAT. She has been walking for two days, and just started eating solids yesterday and then today they sprung her from the hospital. For 85 yrs old, i CANNOT believe how well she is doing. Bowel function is back today, and she gave up the morphine drip nite before last. Had no pain meds, except for one 600mg motrin yesterday and one today.
    The only thing i am concerned about is the little bleeding where the staples are. The RN and one dr saw it today, but just said to put some gauze on it. I think it's cause her abdomen is sorta big and swollen somewhat, so when she sits down the stapled incision gets irritated.
    I am supposed to call to get her staples out tomorrow or tuesday. It sounds like that's awful soon, but i don't know. Her surgery was March 12 in the morning, so do most patients get those abdominal staples out in 4 days? or 5?
    It's hard for her to get up on her bed, so she is sleeping on the couch as it is lower. She is only 4'10" so i guess it's just hard to get up and down, but as far as the walking she is doing soooooooooooo good. Thanks Linda for the information. The oncologist said he tested several lymph nodes and we wouldn't know for 1 or two weeks if they came out ok or not. He said by doing the hysterectomy he didn't seen evidence of spreading and her cat scan was clear beforehand two wks ago, and her ca125 was 15 two wks ago. I pray she doesn't have to have chemo but i know that's probably the way to go, i just don't know if someone that age can take it, but the surgery went well. Is it common to have some bleeding a few days after abdominal surgery. She had none til today and they still released her. She had no fever.
    Thanks again, and it sounds like all of the "sisters" are doing well.
    Linda, how are you feeling? I know you were feeling "down" for a while. Hang in there.
    i love the pictures of YOUR FLOWERS! So very beautiful , as you are!
    Linda Cookie