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Medical Marijuana

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I have not seen a post about this after doing a search so I wanted to bring it up. I was 19 yrs old when I was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma and now I am cancer free at age 33! DON'T EVER TAKE ANYTHING FOR GRANTED!

My story: I was diagnosed with paratesticular Rhabdomyosarcoma when I was 19 yrs old. I went through 4 major surgeries, 1 year of chemo, and radiation and now I am 33 yrs old.
I used medical marijuana almost everyday throughout my year long treatment for my naseau and pain. As I recollect on that year in my life, it comes down to marijuana as "one" of my saving graces. there are a lot of misconceptions about this substance. but first off, it is a natural plant substance and not some synthetic made up chemical that gives you bad side affects. Marijuana is what got me through my year long treatment. It gave me an appetite and when you eat, your body gets the nutrients it needs to keep your blood counts up! it took any pain away and made me feel normal, which was a huge relief! I would highly recommend it! you owe it to yourself to at least try if nothing else is working.

I would be interested in hearing others comments regarding Medical Marijuan.


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I know you wrote this post a long time ago, but I have been browsing around this site, looking for people in similar situations as me. I had stage 3B synovial soft tissue sarcoma of the right chest wall. When I came across your post about medical marijuana, it sounded like me. Although it is not legal in my state, I did what I had to do. I agree with you. It was the only thing that helped me deal with the brutal chemo treatments I had to have. I especially related to the comment you made about how it made you feel more normal. That is exactly how it made me feel. It takes away the "yucky" feeling and even made me feel like I could think more clearly. I wish it was legal in my state for the sake of the people who suffer through this, and do not have the opportunity to try marijuana to help them get through the horrible side effects of the chemo. Thank you so much for sharing.

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I'm about be 21 years old, as well as a 3 time champ (get it) of ewings sarcoma. Although I live in NY, I go to school in NJ where they just legalized Medical Marijana. When I was going through treatment in Feb, I thought I'd give it a shot. Not only did they say no, but they also said they were waiting for me to ask, so they can say no.

Speaking from a completely hypothetical perspective, it did help relax me and help me sleep when I was majorly stressing. As said above, it also helped give me back my appetite when I noticed my weight was slowly declining. My friend's mother used it for her treatments, and said it made her nausea considerably less.

Overall, I'm a fan.

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I am hear to share some of what the medical community does know about the Green. They have made THC pills for years but didn't work so doctors didn't want patients to waste their money on it seems. Now they have a spray which is the complete plant make up not just THC and you use orally.
They do not like to condone the smoking of it since it is breathing into lungs but some people cannot eat it because it because it is a sedative and people like to function on the whole. They know that the only problem they can see with this substance is the things people mix with them and tobacco products are truly the harmful agent people roll into their joints. Interersting yet there is this fear mungering that has gone on so long and I always say if man would have been smart we would have kept HEMP and we wouldn't have all these manufacturers out there today and now it is about money and drugs though your country has had ZERO tolerance for how long? I too am 14 year cancer survivor and allot older than you and I have to say I am there with you, we do what we have to do and thank GOD that we have that choice over the side effects of the medications out there, been there done that. Chemo and radiation is very hard on some of us but others skip their way through it. I do not believe in suffering and pain is something that can be totally debilitating.

Why doesn't man work on taking care of the things that distroy families and that would be drinking, now making smoking cigs a difficult thing for people since it kills us...

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Hi. My son Eli has just relapsed with Ewing's for the 3rd time, and it has now moved into his lungs. He still has disease in his spine also, which causes him pretty much pain at times. Morphine has killed his appetite and makes him extremely grumpy! Would like to "hypotheticaly" try marijuana, most likely in the form of brownies, since he is 14 and smoking will not help his lungs. Did you ever "hypotheticaly" try ingesting it, and if so, did it help?

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I have been ingesting oil throughout my treatment (4 of 6 cycles of chemo). I didn't use it for my third cycle (as i couldn't get my hands on any) and this was one of the worst for me. When I do eat it I have a much better appetite, I feel more at ease, sleep better and experience less nausea. I do feel slightly more tired during the day but after a while you build up a tolerance and this goes away. I'd say just make sure you start of on a low enough dose. You should make some brownies with cannabutter but make sure you try them first as it can be deceiving how little you need to put in to get the effect with out over doing it. I have just been taking 50mg of extracted oil twice a day but i started on less.

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