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Looking for friends who know what its like to be a survivor......

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Hello All,

I figured this would be the place to get support and cyber friends who can much better relate to what its like to go through treatment and be a cancer survivor. My family, boyfriend and friends have been wonderful but they have not gone through it first hand.

I am new to this website, and so far find so much helpful information. I am the only one in my family to have battled and survived cancer.

I am 32 years old which to some of you may not seem young but it is very young I'm told for someone diagnosed with lung cancer.

I was diagnosed in Sept of 2008, went through very aggressive chemo treatments for three months and am now told I am in remission as of a month ago. I have had a follow up CT Scan and consult next week to be sure all is still well and that the xray was correct. :) Have my fingers crossed.

I am currently suffering from neuropathy in my hands and feet, I am not in as much pain as some people, based on the stories I have read. But it is constant 24/7 pain that never really goes away, it dulls but it literally feels like i have no feet, and I dont really feel the keys as I'm typing this now. :) I take it all in stride, remain positive and happy and am grateful to be alive.

I think its wonderful to have a support group of survivors and I look forward to getting to know some of you better.

Take care and much love to you all.


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I'm 33, my name is Caitlin. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer last year and went thru surgery and 2 months of external beam radiation therapy (unusual for thyroid cancer) and another radiation treatment. Thyroid cancer is very treatable and I just had my first clean scan so things are looking good. I understand what you're saying when you said your family and friends have been great but they just don't understand. I was lucky to find a support group on myspace for thyroid cancer and making friends (especially people my own age!) was so helpful. I felt so much better. I met some very supportive people who were in all different stages of treatment. I went through the same things at the same time as some of my new friends and people further along were supportive to me and later on, I offered support to some new comers, which was theraputic for me as well. So it's been a win win situation. When I had to go to radiation every day, I was the youngest person at my cancer center by at least 20-30 years. Every couple days someone, another patient or caregiver, would assume I was there with someone else. They'd tell me "You're too young to be here!" I know they didn't mean to be insensitive but it was frusterating. If you're on myspace, my addy is www.myspace.com/sevencomeelevengirl I hope you're doing better and that you find some of the support you're looking for. I know how much it helped me and I hope it will do the same for you :-)

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Hi Nicole.

I am 30 and have squamous cell lung cancer. Just a few more weeks to go and I should be getting a break from taxol, which is great.

I was wondering... do you have any children? It is so hard to find people our age with this cancer, so just thought I'd ask. My husband hopes the chemo hasn't fried my ability to have children if I get a break from cancer :)

Happy Easter & big hugs from Florida. Feel free to email any time...


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Hi Linda,

Thanks for the reply. :)

Unfortunately I do not have any children. I do hope to try in the next couple years for one myself.

I also worry about fertility after undergoing chemo. I was on two types of Chemo. Cisplatin and Etobicide. The Cisplatin does affect fertility in some patients. It is between the low and high so mid range for likelihood of damage to fertility.

I wish you nothing but hope and luck in trying to conceive :)

I agree it is hard to find people our age with cancer especially lung, I am told that its a disease more likely to hit those much older than us.

Keep in touch, I am having some issues with dealing with remission at th emoment and could definitely use a friend to talk to that knows what I've gone though.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter. Wish I was in Florida, we are actually hoping to plan a trip there next spring :)

Take care, and best of luck.

~Live, Love, Laugh~

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