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Germ Cell or Squamous Cell - Recently Diagnosed

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I went to recieve an x-ray last week for what I thought was a pulled muscle or phenomia. Turns out I have five tumors. Two on my pleura (lung lining) and a large one on my thymus gland pressing on my heart, and lymthnodes. I went to the oncologist yesterday and they are trying to determine if it is germ cell or squamous. They have advised me it is stage 4 and I may have a year or two to live. I begin chemo in a week. I am only 34 and have a single mom to a 13 year old son. I have not yet accepted the one to two year life span and I am trying my best to stay positive, but can stage 4 be beat?

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Who says Thats all you have, God? He is the only one that knows. I am an ovarian patient but my dad had squamous not sure of stage but he had radiation and chemo and was in hospital 3 weeks he was so weak I kept calling him and told him he will make it thru the weakness. He was 78 and Now Has no sign of cancer 2 years later hes almost 81 His was at end of esphagus top of stomach. I have seen a stage 4 woman of lung cancer thinking no more help got a new chemo and guess what? She has no more cancer. Everyone is different but faith and hope and a positive attitude will get you through and if you get someone who says you have only so much time find another dr. The positive ones will try what needs to be done and explain things so you can be in on the treatments needed with your help of decisions. Cancer does not mean a death sentence. I have seen stage 4 of lung, ovarian, liver and they are alive and some still fighting and some cured. I am stage 3 and I have taken chemo off and on for 7 years have had cancer 11 years. I get tired but other then that ok. Drs say I am unusual case but so are so many others and drs can be wrong on the time. Turn the other way and get another if they tell you time you will be here. You may be a good unusual case. Dont give up. and as I said positive attitude. I know this is hard for you and it can be mentally too but hang in there. I will be praying for you. And these people on discussion board are great.
Prayers and Hugs

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Hi, just wanted to encourage you. I agree with Sandy... there is only one who knows how much time you have here on this earth! If the doctor you have now is giving you a time limit, you need to get a new doctor. I don't know where you live, but I have heard really good things about Cancer Treatment Centers of America. You don't need any doctor that is going to give you a time limit on your life. They might think they are gods, but they are not God!!! No decent doctor is going to take away your hope. Hope, prayer and a positive attitude are everything. You have a son and that is an awesome reason to keep fighting against the odds.
Good luck to you and God Bless you and your son! Keep fighting and stay strong. AND find another doctor with a better attitude!

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