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25 yr old seeking people around age group

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hi im 25yrs old i have AML diagnosed march of 08 had a relapse in jan of 2009 im just wondering is there anyone else out there in my age group or close to my age going through what im goin through i feel so alone like im the only one if anyone out there is goin through the same thing please get back at me leave comments on your experiences of AML or other cancers you might have thanks

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you are not alone so dont worry about that. sorry to hear what happened. i have been through the same thing and i know how hard it is to go through it but keep your head up and believe that you can get through this you did it before.
i was diagnosed with aml april 08 and went into remission june 08. i have been in remission for 9 months now and i just live it all up to god to take care of me .
i know how you feel i was in my bed at long beach memorial for about two months i had my family there with me the whole time and i would cry and say why me and all everyone will tell me your going to get through this and i use to think how would you know you dont know how i feel physically emotionally and mentally. but you know what i was only getting myself more sick feeling like that so i said you know what im going to live each day the way i did before i got in the hospital. i couldnt do everything i did before but hey i made the best of it. i want you to know that no matter how alone you feel you will always have someone by your side. and if there is anything else that i can help you with just ask i can give you all the resources that my doctor gave me and i can tell you everything that worked for me when i went through chemo.
well i hope you keep in contact because i feel god has giving me a second chance to help people that are going through what i went through.
well i have to go but god bless.

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I was diagnosed with aml leukemia at the begining of 08. I had four rounds of chemo before I had a Bonemarrow Transplant at Stanford University in CA. You are not alone my dear! The Lord is with you always! and So are the rest of us survivors! Please email if you have any questions! I would love to help!


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I was diagnosed with APL, a apparently easy type of AML back in August of last year.
I've been in remission three times since then, and now am relapsed after my last clinical trial.
If you need someone to talk to my email is akmoshirt@gmail.com
Take care!

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Hi there,

You are completely not alone, but I know what you mean when you feel that you're the only one at your age going through this. I was diagnosed at age 23 in March of 2008 in a rare AML, and was given very low chances for survival. When I was admitted for treatments, I quickly found that there were no resources for someone our age.
I did keep an online journal during my entire hospitalization, and throughout the bone marrow transplant, you can check it out www.SherisPage.homestead.com

Take care!!

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