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scan today

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Please pray for my mom to have good results. She has a ct scan today to see if folfiri is working. I pray that nothing is new, the old is gone and if there is any thing it is stable. She is having a rough time lately dealing with this disease. She is really worried that something is growing. She is also having a hard time because she said that it doesn't seem like people care anymore. You know when you are diagnosed people come from out of the woodworks to write you cards, letters, stop by and say hi. I told her it was because she is doing so well. People see her out and about and think she is back to normal. For the most part she is, aside from the week she has chemo she has a few days where she doesn't do much but sleep. I know that chemo does a number on your brain and i think just having a scan freaks her out so much, then having to wait for results is equally as unnerving. I continue to pray for all of you and for a cure. I can't wait for the day when there is a tread about a cure, where to go to get it etc.

Stay positive and keep fighting!!!

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I will keep your mother in my prayers.

Here's to positive results!

Stay strong,

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We know how your Mom feels. We will be thinking of her, and you, while she waits for her results.

As for people not caring...that is hard as well. They aren't living with this beast day-by-day and just get on with their lives. I had one acquaintance who actually said "Are you STILL sick? Didn't you already have surgery?" I started to explain that cancer isn't like a cold, or appendicitis, but then I realized that she just didn't get it and wasn't going to because she hadn't experienced anything like this. I just replied that I had more treatments to undergo and changed the subject.

Many hugs and prayers...Vicki

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...I got a few cards, and axtually someone who I used to think of as a good friend barely even calls me anymore, or has even come see me, I don't know whether it's because she doesn't know what to say or how to act, but the only people I even associate with now live so far, these are old friends who I've known for years who call me alot, but my other friend who doesn't even hardly call or come see anymore just lives around the corner. The only people I go out and do anything with are my kids and hubby, as I don't know many people in this town, and alot of the women are just gossip mongers where they have to talk about everyone and get in everyones business, and I usually just stay away from all that and keep to myself alot, but oh well, as long as I have my kids and hubby, I'm still happy.

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Kristie, as Vickie said, we all know from whence your mother is coming! This side of the beast, every pain, change in ANYTHING feels like a symptom of recurrence; I guess that is just part of our new normal! And people acting like we should just be over this whole cancer thing is too true as well! Especially the longer you survive with it! People actually are surprised that you are still in treatment, or when they hear about upcoming surgeries, etc. They're like, I thought you were better! Well, yes, I am better than I was when I was on chemo, and yes, I am still alive, but HELLO! I have never claimed to be cured! It's a constant fight! My close friends and family know the truth and I suppose that's all that's necessary! I think that's why this board is such a draw ... we all understand the depth and breadth of our fight and have learned not to take anything for granted!

P.S. how are you doing?

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I'm doing very well thank you for asking! I can't complain at all, nor would I considering where I am posting this...:) I have not had any morning sickness or fatigue. I think I'm too busy so this kid has had to just roll with the punches! You know, working full time for bank part time for self, taking care of mom's needs and you know, doing fun stuff in my "spare time". Really, I am 15 weeks along and heard the heart beat last week, music to my ears. My next visit will be another ultrasound. I want to invite my Mom and MIL, though my mom swears she can read ultrasounds and I don't want to know what I'm having. It is very exciting and always brings a smile to my face.

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I would have loved to have gone to one of the sonogram appointments with my daughter but it never worked out! I was there when she gave birth, though and that was way cool! I love visiting with her as much as possible! I know your mother and MIL are excited to welcome the baby when it comes! Glad you aren't experiencing morning sickness or fatigue. When the baby starts moving it makes it even more "real" for everybody! Take care!

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Prayers are on the way and will continue. I know your mom has to be very scared. I just got done with my radiation/chemo and now face surgery and it is always the fear of the unknown that is so scary.

I was just thinking today about the cards and calls. I saved all my cards on my mantel and as I was vacumming in there today I looked up and thought yup no more cards. Once in a while I get a stray one, but the ones that sent them at first don't anymore. I know that even my kids are busy and all have their own life. I'm the one living with it, always in my thoughts and some days I can't seem to shake it for even a minute. But if we think back how we were when someone was having trouble of any kind, we didn't think about them all the time. I think it is just human nature. People still do care about your mom. It's very important that she has you and what a wonderful support you are to her - I can tell by your loving posts.

Let us know how your mom is doing.


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I'm praying your mom gets wonderful results from this scan. And I hope she doesn't have to wait long for the results!

I'm glad to hear you're doing well. Keep us posted about both of you.


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