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Exercise Increases Survival Rates by 55%

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I'm not sure how much exercise one can do while weak from chemo, but this article is worth reading! I was a TRUE couch potato for the last 10 years and sure wish I'd kept active!



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We're all too busy at our computers to go out and exercise...
It does a lot for one's mood too. It can be rough to get one's buns in gear though. When I was first diagnosed years ago, my brother bought me a kayak and I kayaked for 81 consecutive days, chemo and all. I even took my fanny pack with the FOLFOX in it and put that in a ziploc bag. I went every day up until 2 days before surgery. And then I rested. It's been harder to go as much since the surgery but I still try to walk every day and in good weather kayak and swim.

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Hello. I was reading something similar to what you posted about, but for me it was not to good. When I was diagnosed with the brain tumor, I had seizures and could not drive, So I sat around and watched TV and went up to 218 pounds. After my 2nd brain tumor surgery I could no longer teach, so I started a little business painting houses and refinishing hardwoood floors. I ate just the same, but was so active I lost about 55 pounds, and that's when they found colon cancer. Mine is stage 3c, so I am sure it's been around for a while. I try hard to be active now too and have not gained any weigh since all this started in Novemeber. If you have any information on brain tumors and then colon cancer, I would apppreciate it. I found 2 articles on-line about my situation, but that's all. I must admit, if your just sitting around, it's not good for you and you should excercise when ever possible. thanks for posting the site. I'm going to check it out.

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Have you had genetic testing? Have your onc's suggested it? There is a form of HNPCC (Lynch Syndrom) that links brain tumors with colon canzer in those that are diagnosed at a young age. Let me know if you would like more info.


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