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I purchased my Graviola from www.rain-tree.com
I had seen it a few months back while doing some research on natural cancer cures. This herb always shows up. Very interesting reading. And I figure what do I have to lose besides my hair. I just started taking it.
It is very potent so I take it with Organic yogurt and I just ordered the Stomach-EZ that it is recommended. I also talked with the people via internet on how to take it while in remission. So far they say you can take the Graviola with chemotherapy without it causing reactions.
Good luck, God Bless and let the sun shine in.


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Thanks for the info. Everything helps.
Prayers and Hugs

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I've been taking Graviola in combination with other Amazon Herbs for several years. I've bought Graviola from Rain-tree, but if your on chemotherapy it works more effectively in combination with other herbs to the support the lymphatic system. This information comes by way of a naturopathic physician that has used Graviola for many years. At first he found the kill off of cancer cells was so extrordinary that it created a problem with the backup of toxins in the lymphatic system, causing some side effects and inflammation at the tumor site, in his own words.

So, Dr. Hawver who incidentely is on the advisory board of the Amazon Herb Company, formulated what is known as Gravizon with 19 herbs including Graviola. Herbs such as una de gato (cats claw), pau de arco and many more that are effective against cancer. Hers a link to Gravizon. http://lifesource.amazonherb.net/ProductInfo.aspx?ItemID=5027

Heres a list of herbs in this incredable formula... Graviola of course!
Camu Camu
Sangre de Drago
Pau D’ Arco
Uña de Gato
Chanca Piedra
Dong Quai
Tangerine Peel
Bitter Orange
Dalergia Wood
Espinheira Santa
Muira Puama
This doc treats cancer patients from all over the world. I met him in person.. I use Gravizon every day.. It keeps me in remission. Its a great detox formula for every day and works well with chemo supporting the lymphatic and immune system. The herbs from the Amazon Herb co. are whole plant herbs containing the total profile of the plant, so less likely to cause side effects whereas the Rain-tree herbs are from extracts, not that there not good. I like to buy Graviola and una de Gato from rain-tree in bulk to add to my smoothy.

Doc Hawver has a CD intitled, "Know Your Body, Feed Your System. Rainforest nutrition for life" If you want a copy I can send you one, or to anyone else that interested.

Another Doctor, thats on the same advisory board uses Gavizon along other agents in his treatment protocols. He has a free lecture that can be emailed, called, The Natural Supportive Therapy for Cancer Cessation. He details some of the 22 agents he uses with his patients. Heres a preview to research.

Hidden Cancer Cure Comes to the U.S.
Mushrooms that fight cancer..http://form.hsibaltimore.com/reports/mushroom_cancer.pdf

Another formula this homeopathic doctor uses with great success, is what he calls, a non-toxic form of chemotherapy..


Theres a weed growing, possibly in your backyard, Native American knew about centuries ago that shrinks tumors. They diden't know about cancer but they were affiliated with physical conditions related to tumors. They simply made a tea from this weed. (Bindweed) Science has identified the active compound that starves the tumor as a angiogenesis inhibitor. (shuts down the blood supply). What, your oncologist diden't tell you about this! Its available on the internet. You can copy this lecture off the internet and educate your oncologist...

The three amigos, below.. (cancer killers)

Database from www.rain-tree.com on Graviola..


Una de gato ( http://www.rain-tree.com/catclaw.htm )

Pau d'Arco ( http://www.rain-tree.com/paudarco.htm )

Article on Graviola...


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Mono5,it is so refreshing to put some information on this site and not have it go over the top of the head. I used to talk til I am blue in the face to ladies I have met in the infusion room only to get blank stares...like what in the world, are you a quack. Well I come from 5 generations of quacks aka Chiropractors. I figure Mr. C visited me so I could help people..So this has become my mission. Cancer does not run in my family, so when we found I had it, it was a a real shock wave..The Dr. said she removed it all and my tests were excellent, my scans clean. So I figured I was good to go for another 58 years, then 2 years later..3 areas of concern popped up. I was like ..no way. When I asked why, I got no direct answer as to what was wrong with my body and Why was I getting this back?? I told her it was my mission to find out what causes cancer and what you can do about it. I firmly believe that we can heal ourselves.I have been on the Gerson diet and some other things. I found out about the Graviola, like I said a while back, actually through HSI. So I decided to add it to my regimen because I love what I hear. I am going to be 60 on the 31st and I know I have a least 45 more years, and I want to to do them healthy. I have been healthy all my life, even with the chemo treatments I stayed very healthy with no side affects..I find all of the information you wrote very excitng and I pray that others that tap into this thread do likewise. and not just read it, but research and try it. I do not believe the medical world will ever find anything but a hard core drug, when it is almost in your back yard. Way to easy, non patentable and by all means..way to cheap..This is a support site.so ladies start your engines and take control and support yourself..
Thank you so much MONO5...

Let the sun shine in....and stay well
I lift you up in prayer,

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I think anything is worth a try. Thanks for your info.
Prayers and Hugs

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I was diagnosed with prostrate cancer Feb 2012,test showed contain in prostrate,had surgury,first psa test after was 2.7 should of been 0.Next test showes 4.1 Obviously the tests were wrong and the cancer is still in my body.I feel shaken right now and pretty isolated.I have been researching natural cure because regular doctors don,t give much hope
on cures.I ordered a bottle of graviola to try and stop the cancer.Plus I read orange rind and MCP also fights the cancer by isolation and killing off the cells by sealing them off before the3y can do damage.My address is on profile.Thank each of you for support in our fight for good information to fighting man made diseases.july 19,12

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I just read your article which is very interesting.  I was researching graviola for my dog.  I was wondering if you knew of any site or individual who would know if it would help animals.  I have a Golden Retreiver who has nasal cancer.  We had cyberknife done in Yonkers, NY a year ago and now we just took her back for another treatment.  They want to do chemo on her now at the University of Georgia - we haven't started it as yet but are due to in a week.  They are now telling us that this type of tumor can't be shrunk, it can only stop it was growing???? I would appreciate any information you could give us - she is only 5 years old.  The cancer has not spread at all.  At this point I would try anything as I'm sure she will not make it.  Thank you.

maurecir mafra
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Sou do Brazil, transformei em pesquisador após descobrir este mal, por favor visitem:


e seja um membro

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Hello rasunshine, I am Italian boy. I wanto to Know more information about Graviola. Can you say me anything about this plant? In particular i want to Know where i can buy it. I want also to Know in how much time arrive the plant? Thank you very much

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