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chemo first or surgery ???????

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the dr is sending me for a pet scan to see if it has spread, then he said I would get chemo and them surgery. is that the typical order of things I thought maybe he felt if he shrinks the tumor in my lung he would have to remove less of the lung . i thought they usually did surgery firs and then chemo he said that if it has not spread maybe stage 1 or 2 I have been very positive about this I dont dwell on what might happen I only focus on each day and each test. my sister died of lung cancer 15 years ago she was 47 and went quickly but never told anyone what was going on, so we dont know what stage she was in when diagnosed thank you for all the answers I focus on all the positive comments you all make on this board and keeps me feeling there is always hope

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nanaof7, it works both ways. What your doctor is describing is certainly not unusual, and is frequently mandatory, when the tumor(s) is/are too large or pervasive. In your case, it sounds like doc is on top of his game and trying to spare you some lungs, so who's to argue with that?

Me, I had surgery first for both head/neck and lung cancer. In the first instance (head/neck) it was because they wanted to do some interesting things during the surgery to replace half of my tongue, and felt like radiation, in particular, would impact the texture of the stuff they were working with in my mouth, to be genteel about it.

In the second case, with the lobectomy, my node was so small that they had to do a biopsy (surgically, because of its location) just to extract it, and since they discovered it was malignant, they went ahead while I was under and took the lobe, as agreed upon previously.

However, again, it sounds like your doc is doing a good job of looking out for you and trying to make the treatment, especially the surgery, as least invasive as possible.

Good luck!

Take care,


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It seems when you are first diagnosed there are so many options you dont know which one is the best one and you really dont have time to think about it. its great there are people like you to take some of the stress off. thank you again for your help

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