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Is vardenafil the same as Viagra?

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My doctor prescribed Viagra. My insurance pays 50% for four pills a month. The VA gives me four vardenafil per month free. Does anyone know if they are the same?

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According to Peter Scardino's Prostate Book, vardenafil is generic for Levitra.

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Didn't know you could get a generic in the states. I've been ordering a generic Levitra from all day chemist since my insurance won't pay anything for Viagra, Levitra or ciallis.


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Hi Larry, Tom D here in Orlando. I am thinking about ordering from them also since Blue Cross Blue Shield doesn't cover ED medications. Have you had any problems with the medications or ordering? How long does it take to get to your house?

Thanks in advance

Tom D Orlando
da Vinci Sept 24 ORMC/MD Anderson Orlando (Where Sonny and his wife were)

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I've been very pleased with them. I have only ordered one time. They only take Master Card or Visa. There is about $25 shipping charge so the more you order the better the cost breakdown. They were having a special buy 1 get 1 free. I believe I ordered 60 tablets first go around since I wasn't that familiar with them. Next time I will order more. They are shipped out of India but I have been pleased with the packaging, quality etc. Once they hit US Customs a tracking order number will be shown and then you can track the progress from Customs to your house. I thik it took roughly 3-4 weeks from the time i placed the order. I actually called their 800 number. The lady that answered had a very thick indian accent but I got the order!

My insurance is also BCBS/TN and they don't cover the meds.

Larry In Tn.

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Do you take the pills everyday or only when necessary? I also just ordered from all day chemist. Waiting to see the results although shipping seems high the price breakdown is way better than here. Sad isnt it that we go overseas because of drug prices.


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OK, dumb question. Don't you need a prescription in order to get vardenafil through these people or do they just process the order and you're good to go?



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If you go to alldaychemist.com you are looking for Sildenafil Citrate (Viagra). I have not ordered from there yet but plan to after my surgery on 8/11/10. I have looked over their website and it looks very good.

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Alldaychemist…can't go wrong. Just got my batch of 240 (120…given 120 as bonus…) and it cost me a little over $150. My insurance would only let me get 6 pills a month. With the ability to break them into 25 mgs…I should be good for awhile. Lewvino gave the recommendation…good choice. If you need them, I'd definitely go there.

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The substance of viagra is sildenafil and the substace of levitra is vardenafil, it's ok, they have almost the same effect so don't worry.

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Levitra (Vardenafil) is used to treat your erectile dysfunction (Impotence) problem. It helps to relax your muscle and increase the blood flow in to the particular areas of your body. I had taken Levitra 20mg.

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