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mouth sore relief

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I'm posting this again so that anyone that needs a remedy might see it.

My mom swears by these and she has the magic mouth wash. This creates a gel like coating and lasts for eight hours, keeps the salt out and allows it to heal.


FOr some reason I feel compelled to say that I am not endorsing the canker patch or walgreens, I just know how difficult it can be to find over the counter relief. These really work for my mom.

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Looks interesting, I may have to look into that if I keep getting mouth sores...this is my first one, and it hurts like heck...practically swelled up my right jaw, it's right on the gumline and back of my throat, making it hard to swallow anything..ugh!

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When i got mouth sores they precribed BMX - maylox and lidocain mix. You swish with it and it reduced the acid that forms the sore and then lidocen numbs it they went away fairly quickly.

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I just started treatment, but a co-worker who is a cancer surivor informed me about prevention. It is a mouthwash that I bought at walgreens for oncology patients. she said it worked great for her. I am using it as a prevention, hoping not to get sores.. Hope this helps. I don't know much , but I am learning.. There is also a toothpaste and gum made by the same company (i found it at walgreens, but sure you can get it in others stores). It is called biotene I think. Helps break down the bacteria in the mouth to preven t sores. I learned this froma friend whose husband has cancer..

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