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mammogram ok

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fighting for mom
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Well- Mom has had 4 rounds of 5FU. She had a mammo last Thursday- and it was good!!! I know she has worried about the results. This is the first 'test' since her CRC dx. She has had such a bad round #4. I hope they decrease the oxi next Tues. I threatened to go up there with her- she didn't think it would be necessary :)

I will be traveling up there this weekend. She asked me tonight to go to a disability class with her on Saturday. I think she is afraid that the rest of the treatments will all be so bad- maybe short term disability is what she needs now?

I know that she is struggling right now.

My dad has a routine colonoscopy tomorrow- I pray it goes well.

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I'm so glad your mom's mammogram turned out well. Any positive seems so great, doesn't it? I also pray that your dad will get good news from his colonoscopy.


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What's a disability class?

Did she tell her oncologist that Round 4 was really tough on her? If she hasn't told her oncologist what problems she had, then they will not decrease, or slow down the oxi or change any part of the treatment. The nurses can't do it without the order from the doctor... and if he/she hasn't heard from the patient, they can't change it at the last minute without canceling the session since the bags with the right dosage for each patient is done up ahead of time.

So if she hasn't said anything because she doesn't want to bother anyone, then you will have to explain to her that until she says anything she can expect the same next session.



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fighting for mom
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I am not sure exactly what the class will entail. It is a 4 hour class. I believe it will include disibility education, laws, patient info and advocacy.

She informed her onc Dr and nurse last Thursday when she got her pack off of her wierd symptoms. They stated the plan is to decrease the oxi next Tuesday. I think she is just worried they won't - I don't think they seemed too thrilled about decreasing it.

She did inform me she will be going to a fatigue group next week. I am glad that she is warming up to some different group situations for help. She has been somewhat resistant to it.


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