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uterine papillary serous carcinoma

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My wife was diagnosed in September. Her CA-125 was 260. She had surgery, and doctors said they had removed all the cancer. But a PET scan showed lymph node involvement in various parts of the body. She started chemo in October (taxol and carboplantin). She tolerated the chemo fairly well after six rounds. Another PET scan is this week. We are hopeful of improvement. CA-125 dropped to 9 after five rounds.

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santefe55, You might want to check out the uterine cancer board. There are several of us with UPSC in various stages of our treatment. We even have a lady who is a 2 year survivor which is very encouraging. We are a talkative group and there are a lot of resources there if you want to join us, you are welcome.

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Deanna, I just signed up for this group and need instructions on how to join the Uterine Cancer Board. In August I'll be two years out from treatment. My CA 125 just went from 19 to 24 and I'm getting scared again. Sure could use some company.


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Good to have found others with USPC. I'm from the UK and can find virtually nothing about this type of cancer, even my consultant and oncologist are rather 'vague'. I did a lot of research on the internet when first told back in December and have now come through hysterectomy, brachytherapy and 6 cycles of carboplatin/paclitaxel. The thing is my oncologist is adamant that the CA125 marker test will be of no use and as there is nothing else I cannot see why I can't have one. I want to find as much info as possible about it and then go to see my lovely GP, who I hope will authorise it.

Its good to know you're two years clear and hope this test is just a blip.

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Havent seen any posts in some time. I was diagnosed 2 months ago and had a hysterectomy. It started with a polyp, and the cancer was contained within the uterus, so Stage 1A. I am not receiving any treatment but will be rechecked in 4 months with a CA125. Knowing how aggressive this cancer is, it's scary. Any advice?

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You've already registered at this website if you can post here, and so you're already registered for the Uterine Cancer Board also. Just go to the list of Discussion Boards (see bar to your LEFT on this page, & click on "Discussion Boards". Click on that.) Scroll down the list of the various Discussion Boards and you'll see the Uterine Cancer Board. Click on that, and it'll open up just like this Discussion Board that you are on. Then you can click on any of the topics to join the conversation, or start your own thread like you did here.

I also have UPSC, Stage III-c, just like Deanna. Deanna just finished her chemo this week and her birthday is tomorrow, so I thought I'd respond for her since I'm hoping she is celebrating all weekend!!

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