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Exciting breakthrough with stem cell research

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I'm not sure how much this has to do with us and cancer research, but once a medical breakthrough like this happens, it usually has great rippling affects on everything. Check out this article:




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I've read about in another article a while ago, that the real breakthrough in cancer is when they discover how to get rid of the cancer stem cells. They likened it to weedwhacking, saying some of the current chemos are like weedwhackers (a scarey thought), that they just get what's on top, but the stem or root cells are still there. Just like if you pick a weed, but don't get the roots- it can come back. They believe these stem or root cells are too small to be picked up on any kind of scan. That is where much of the focus will be on in the future. I haven't read this article that posted yet, Cheryl- I will read it as soon as I'm done here, though.


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